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CFLdb Statistics presents unofficial and independent game and season data for the CFL and early senior leagues and unions that operated in Canada. This is a hobby site focussed on Canadian gridiron football. Due to time constraints the site contains errors, missing information and infrequent updates. Use as a resource at your own risk.

You probably don't want to be here. If you follow the Canadian Football League, there are six characters you need to remember — c-f-l-dot-c-a (l-c-f-dot-c-a en Français). Follow the link, type in the address, bookmark it, leave the page open, or get the app on your mobile device. Whatever your preferred method, the official CFL site is the place for all the official news and stats from the league. You can check for current player statistics and order the latest CFL Guide and Record Book for individual and team game, season and career records. If in doubt, compare the data available here with the official CFL resources and choose the appropriate source (hint: it is

Additional independent resources also exist. See Advanced CFL Stats for recent game, team and player stats, CFLapedia or the most recent The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia publication for historical player statistics.

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