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CFLdb Statistics presents unofficial and independent game and season data for the CFL and early senior leagues and unions that operated in Canada. This is a hobby site focussed on Canadian gridiron football. As a private, non-commercial experiment it contains errors, missing information and infrequent updates. Use as a resource at your own risk.

For Contributors

CFLdb Statistics is built on the research and contributions of passionate experts and casual observers. Contributors have the benefit of receiving access to the raw CFLdb Statistics data. This customized access is in proportion to their contribution and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Existing and new contributors are welcome to get in touch.

For Researchers

CFLdb Statistics is organized by league, hence all-time totals are league based, not the total history the CFL inlcudes in its official canon. Future enhancements are planned to provide access to information by the league's complete history. For now, each league represents different eras and regional separation.

Researchers are welcome to use CFLdb Statistics as a starting place for research, but encouraged to validate all information with other sources. Researchers should familiarize themselves with known issues, conventions and sources for the site. In order to get access to CFLdb raw data, consider becoming a contributor to CFLdb Statistics.