About CFLdb Statistics

CFLdb Statistics is the stats site of the CFLdb family, focusing on Canadian Professional Football stats, sliced, diced and presented in traditional and uncommon ways.

Currently the site features game results, and standings dating back to 1907 (from the CFL, CFC, IRFU and WIFU) and team roster and player participation from 1930 forward, all courtesy of Steve Daniel and the CFL. I also have attendance numbers, coaching terms, stadium information (changes in capacity and infrastructure) and ownership information, though that information is not verified and may contain errors and inaccuracies, especially in the years prior to 1950.

I continue to add new views into the available statistics and enter new data as time permits. See the contribute page for information on current initiatives and how you can help.

I have made choices in the data selected and estimates of some data based on information available. Please see the data accuracy and conventions page for more details.

I appreciate you using CFLdb as a source in any research, post, or other work you may do. Compiling and maintaining this data takes time. I appreciate acknowledgement as the source of your data, just as you would acknowledge any other source. Please see the full explanation of our acknowledgement policy and acknowledgement of our sources.


The CFLdb Statistics website is in BETA status currently, meaning it is a pre-release version of the site. It is neither functionally complete nor bug-free. It is possible URLs may change in the future. In addition, game data continues to be added to the site to fill in the historical non-CFL and pre-war league and union seasons. It also is missing information such as scoring summaries and player statistics, which may never be added to the site without generous help or donations from the holders of these details.

As BETA software, it should not be relied upon as a source for professional publications without secondary source confirmation. Source at your own risk for personal publications such as blogs and tweets.

This site is developed on my own time, not as a full time occupation. I receive no income from advertising or other sources and pay all site costs, including promotional items except where noted. You may help improve CFLdb Statistics by reporting possible errors or suspect information, specifically with compiled data such as standings, attendance, etc. or data such as records/streaks which are visibly incorrect.