About CFLdb Statistics

CFLdb Statistics is the stats site of the CFLdb family, focusing on Canadian Professional Football stats for senior and professional leagues in Canada.

Currently the site features game results, and standings dating back to 1907 (from the CFL, CFC, IRFU and WIFU) and team roster and player participation from 1930 forward, all courtesy of Steve Daniel and the CFL. Independent researchers have contributed the complete game record for all seasons for the ARFU, MRFU, SRFU, QRFU, ERFU and 1898 to 1960 seasons for the ORFU. From this data, standings have been compiled and validated against any submitted final regular season standings.

CFLdb Statistics maintains this site for the Canadian Football community, pays all site costs, including contributor gifts and promotional items (and shipping) except where noted, keeps the site ad-free for the benefit of all and receives no financial consideration or direction from any official body. You may help improve CFLdb Statistics by reporting possible errors or suspect information, specifically with compiled data such as standings, attendance, etc. or data such as records/streaks which are visibly incorrect when compared with official sources. Contributions of tabulated and compiled data are also welcome. See the contribute page for information on how you can help.

Disparity in the data, changes to scorekeeping and the game over time affect decisions on storing and displaying data in a consistent fact-based database format. Please see the data accuracy and conventions page for more details.

Using CFLdb as a starting point in any research, article, or other work you may do is encouraged. Compiling, entry and maintaining this data takes time of our contributors and steward of the site. Acknowledging CFLdb and its contributors as the source of your data, just as you would acknowledge any other source, is appreciated. Please see the full explanation of our acknowledgement policy and acknowledgement of our sources. Those using CFLdb Statistics as a source should be aware of the potential for errors, changing information, and omissions in the site, and accept responsibility for validating and confirming any information found on CFLdb Statistics.