About Contributing to CFLdb Statistics

Contributions make up the bulk of the information found on CFLdb Statistics. Any and all contributions, big or small, are welcome. Before starting any data gathering or major information submissions, please contact CFLdb so we may coordinate efforts and agree on formats and delivery to make the process easy on all sides.

CFLdb Statistics provides no direction or assignments to volunteers looking to contribute. All contributors are expected to focus on areas that align with their interest, expertise and resources. In order to assist contributors, the Contributor Tools page is available to provide summaries of items missing data in order to direct research efforts where it is needed. For those interested in advanced and difficult research, the Research Assignment series of articles on CFLdb lists mysteries and gaps in the collective record that are in need of research. Contributors may also reach out with offers of data and areas of research to confirm it is of interest and not in the process of being added.

CFLdb Statistics is looking for help to complete the following data:

  • missing game time information (allows completion of weather data). This may be sourced from older schedules, ticket stubs and newspaper reports or advertisements).
  • missing television broadcaster information. This may be sourced from old newspapers and television schedules.
  • missing game previews and reports. These must be links to Google newspaper archive articles or public newspaper archives.
  • stadium capacity and change information. This may be sourced from old newspaper articles.
  • coach terms and names. This may be sourced from old newspaper reports and other sources.
  • assistant coach names and position responsibilities, specifically prior to 1985.
  • corrections to data errors on the site.
  • submissions of new data missing from the site (e.g. player of the game awards, Grey Cup halftime performers or other compiled lists).

All contributions must come with an explanation of sources or they cannot be used. Ideally, links to the source, electronic copies of the source information or source reference attribution is provided with donations so the original source can be credited. Initial discussion of contribution can negotiate the best way to manage and submit the contribution.

Due to limited availability to work on the CFLdb family of sites, there is no guarantee when a contribution may be added to the site. The more organizing and data entry required from a contribution, the longer it will take before the data appears on the site.