About Contributing to CFLdb Statistics

I am currently working on compiling game results for the Western Unions from 1928 to 1935 and the ORFU and Intercollegiate Union from 1928 to the 1950's. I plan to add what data I have before the start of the 2014 season. Work will continue to continue to add older game results until resources are exhausted or records are complete.

Before starting any data gathering on your own, please contact me so we may coordinate any efforts and avoid duplication of work. If you already have information you wish to provide, please let me know immediately, again to avoid any wasted time on duplicated effort.

CFLdb Statistics is looking for help to complete the following data:

  • missing game results, specifically service club games during the Second World War, Western provincial league games prior to the WIFU creation in 1936 and ORFU/QRFU/CRU games. These can be sourced from newspaper articles.
  • missing game time information (allows completion of weather data). This may be sourced from older schedules, ticket stubs and newspaper reports or advertisements).
  • missing television broadcaster information. This may be sourced from old newspapers and television schedules.
  • missing game previews and reports. These must be links to Google newspaper archive articles or public newspaper archives.
  • stadium capacity and change information. This may be sourced from old newspaper articles.
  • coach terms and names. This may be sourced from old newspaper reports and other sources.
  • assistant coach names and position responsibilities, specifically prior to 1985. See the Projects page
  • owner terms, names and ownership percentages. This may be sourced from old newspaper reports.
  • corrections to errors on the site

All contributions must come with links or copies of the source material or it cannot be used. Submissions can be made through the contact page.