About the Known Issues

Every effort is made to provide accurate information on CFLdb Statistics. As a hobby site currently in Beta, all issues are not treated with the same priority to correct. The following known issues are deemed minor, and exist on the site. Kind complaints over known issues will affect priority, which will determine when these issues are resolved. If you have discovered an issue not listed here, please report it so it may be corrected and/or listed here until resolved.


  1. The process currently doesn’t handle changes in team names, which results in some differences from the official record. For instance, when a streak begins with a team named A, but continues when the team is named B, that is seen as two streaks, and not combined as one as you would expect. Correcting this issue will occur with a future enhancement.

    The teams this affects are:

    • Ottawa Senators/Rough Riders (Longest Losing and Winless Streaks, Overall and Home)
    • Montreal Alouettes/Concordes (Longest Losing and Winless Streaks, Road)
    • Merger of Hamilton Tigers/Wildcats
    • querying streaks for any other team that underwent a name change (Baltimore, etc.)

    This also affects the reporting of the date a streak ended. Teams that changed names and had a streak end under the new name will report streak ended when team disbanded which is inaccurate.

    Resolution: Be aware of the above limitations, a manual workaround is to manually calculate or combine streaks for the above teams when relevant, using the Streak query tool. A fix is being considered for this issue, but is low on the value/cost priority list at this time.

Active Season Standings

  1. Standings are calculated during the season based on the tie-breaker formula. This assumes equal number of games played, and does not take into account fewer games played in the process to determine tie-breakers. While accurate in one sense, the method does not reflect the league procedure or official standings.

    Resolution: A fix has been implemented Sept. 1. This warning will remain for the remainder of the 2018 season and the standings will be monitored for correctness and further problems.

Game Stats

  1. First Downs — First Downs are calculated. There is a known issue with scenarios where a first down is achieved by pass or rush, and a subsequent after the play penalty is called on the offensive team, the first down is awarded incorrectly to penalty.

    Resolution: No workaround to this issue is presently known (beyond manually calculating first downs yourself). Based on this issue, use first downs statistic appropriately (non-official, and with inaccuracies, so for personal use only). Solutions to this issue are actively being explored.

Coaching Decision Records

  1. CFLdb does not credit coaches with decisions when they were not on the sidelines (for instance, away for medical or personal reasons). An interim coach is listed for these games and credited with any win/loss. This appears to be contrary to the official CFL practice, therefore, CFLdb coaching records may differ from official league records.

    Resolution: No resolution is planned for this issue. CFLdb believes this accurately reflects coaching decisions. For official statistics, always refer to CFL sources.


  1. CFLdb Statistics currently only handles the Point Scoring system. Some games have been converted from the Challenge System to Point System to indicate the proper result, with additional information in the game notes. Games using the Tie System may not indicate the correct result, as games were declared a draw if not won by the agreed upon points.

    Resolution: Be aware of different scoring systems, especially in other leagues and seasons prior to 1910. While ideally the database will handle the different scoring systems someday, it is currently not a high priority to address.

  2. Tie-breaker games need to be included in tie-breaking formula. Tie-breaking formula is not known for other leagues and historical seasons. When a tie cannot be properly broken, known standings are used to order teams correctly.

    Resolution: The correct standings order is shown for historical seasons when official order is known, even if tie-breaking formula to arrive at is not known. Otherwise, best guess tie-breaking formula is used. CFLdb accepts information on league tie-breaking formulas, games, and standings order to correct any standings that are incorrect.

  3. Level of opposition is not always noted. Intermediate and junior teams may not be indicated when playing senior teams in exhibition games (which are sometimes city championships).

    Resolution: Continuing efforts to improve data are addressing missing or misunderstood team levels, primarily from CFLdb contributors. If you see an error, and have a correction, please submit and your contribution will credited appropriately.