About the Sources

CFLdb's raw data is all provided and verified from original sources. The CFL has provided the bulk of historical information that the basis of data in the database was verified against. Current data, including player career stats and game stats, are sourced directly from official CFL feeds. All of the standings, records, etc. are compiled from raw data by CFLdb Statistics. Any errors in compiled data are CFLdb's own. Compiled data can become out of date as corrections are made. Therefore, it is important the readers and users of CFLdb report issues they detect on pages so the problem may be corrected.

Data outside the CFL's concern (not relating to the CFL, CFC, IRFU or WIFU leagues) has been independently sourced and compiled by contributors to CFLdb. This includes CFL exhibition and pre-season contests which the CFL did not provide in their donated data.

Sources for data provided on CFLdb Statistics are attributable to the following as original sources or verifying sources.

  • The CFL has supplied regular season game score, quarter score, standings and other data from 1907 to present and team rosters and player participation numbers from 1930 to present. This generous gift now makes up the bulk of the source of the material.
  • Primary contributors Chris Sinclair and Robert Sproule, along with other contributors, have donated their raw game records and season standings information for the bulk of the non-CFL related historical leagues.
  • Canadian Press and local newspaper reports CFL results and scoring summaries from the following newspapers:
    • Ottawa Citizen
    • Montreal Gazette
    • Windsor Star
    • Regina Leader-Post
    • Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
    • Calgary Herald
    • Edmonton Journal
    • Vancouver Sun
    • and other publications (special thanks to Google News archives and the publishers that provide their archives on-line)
  • The Canadian Football League Facts, Figures & Records, 1985-2017 Editions
  • The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia, 2011-2013 Editions
  • CFL.ca
  • Wikipedia
  • The Pro Football Archives
  • CFLapedia
  • Numerous other publications, clippings and documents in my possession.

Game weather data is provided by Environment Canada. Stadium conditions are provided by the CFL and parsed by CFLdb for consistency and brevity.

Television ratings have been primarily sourced from a number of media reports, specifically:

Where possible, game pages will include a link to the source for TV ratings.

Historical numbers are BBM 15 minute average number of viewers to my understanding as published by the sources unless otherwise noted. The latest (2016 to present) numbers are Numeris average minute audience overnight ratings.

Various media reports, CFL.ca and CFL Facts, Figures & Records have also been used as sources of television ratings published herein. If you have sources of current or historical television ratings, specifically on the CFL, I would love to hear from you.

CFLdb would not exist without these sources and I thank them. CFLdb would also like to thank the following people who have handled the task of managing Canadian Football data and stories over the decades.