1992 East Division All-Star Team
Selected by the Football Reporters of Canada

QB Tom Burgess OTT
RB Mike Richardson* WPG
FB Warren Hudson WPG
SB Ken Evraire* HAM
SB Rob Crifo WPG
WR Stephan Jones* OTT
WR Larry Thompson WPG
C Irv Daymond OTT
G Dan Ferrone TOR
G Jason Riley HAM
T Rob Smith* OTT
T Chris Walby WPG
DT Rodney Harding* TOR
DT Jeff Fields HAM
DE Mike Campbell TOR
DE John Kropke OTT
MLB John Motton HAM
OLB Angelo Snipes* OTT
OLB Gregg Stumon OTT
DHB Anthony Drawhorn OTT
DHB Don Wilson TOR
CB Less Browne* OTT
CB Rod Hill WPG
S Todd Wiseman HAM
Special Teams
P Hank Ilesic TOR
K Troy Westwood WPG
ST (kick returner) Raghib “Rocket” Ismail TOR

* – indicates unanimous selection

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Career to 1992 East Division Player All-Star Selections

Player Season Division Selection
Browne, Less 9th 5th
Burgess, Tom 7th 2nd
Campbell, Mike 4th 2nd
Crifo, Rob 4th 2nd
Daymond, Irv 7th 2nd
Drawhorn, Anthony 5th 2nd
Evraire, Ken 6th 1st
Ferrone, Dan 12th 9th
Fields, Jeff 2nd 1st
Harding, Rodney 8th 4th
Hill, Rod 5th 3rd
Hudson, Warren 8th 2nd
Ilesic, Hank 16th 8th
Ismail, Raghib “Rocket” 2nd 3rd
Jones, Stephan 8th 2nd
Kropke, John 4th 1st
Motton, John 2nd 1st
Richardson, Mike 1st 1st
Riley, Jason 11th 4th
Smith, Rob 14th 2nd
Snipes, Angelo 2nd 1st
Stumon, Gregg 7th 4th
Thompson, Larry 2nd 1st
Walby, Chris 13th 8th
Westwood, Troy 2nd 1st
Wilson, Don 6th 5th
Wiseman, Todd 5th 1st

Number of times player, through 1992, has been selected to First Team Division All-Star teams. Named to divisional team on offense and defense counts as two selections.

Note: All-Canadian selections began in 1962, division selections began in 1932 (IRFU) and 1937 (WIFU).

1992 East Division Team All-Star Selections

Team All-Canadian Selections Division Selections
Ottawa Rough Riders 5 9
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2 7
Toronto Argonauts 2 6
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1 5


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