QB Annis Stukus TOR
HB (secondary defence) Murray Griffin OTT
HB Bob Isbister, Jr. TOR
HB Art “Whippet” West TOR
FW Allan “Teddy” Morris TOR
SN Cyrill “Curly” Moynahan OTT
IW George Fraser OTT
IW Charles “Tiny” Hermann OTT
MW Dave Sprague OTT
MW Bernard “Bunny” Wadsworth OTT
OW Wes Cutler TOR
OW Tony McCarthy (Tie) OTT
OW Bernie Thornton (Tie) TOR

* – indicates unanimous selection

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Conference Breakdown

Career to 1938 IRFU Player All-Star Selections

Player Season Division Selection
Cutler, Wes 6th 6th
Fraser, George 8th 1st
Griffin, Murray 1st 1st
Hermann, Charles “Tiny” 6th 3rd
Isbister, Bob Jr. 2nd 1st
McCarthy, Tony 5th 1st
Morris, Allan “Teddy” 8th 5th
Moynahan, Cyrill “Curly” 4th 1st
Sprague, Dave 9th 4th
Stukus, Annis 4th 1st
Thornton, Bernie 5th 1st
Wadsworth, Bernard “Bunny” 5th 1st
West, Art “Whippet” 3rd 1st

Number of times player, through 1938, has been selected to First Team Division All-Star teams. Named to divisional team on offense and defense counts as two selections.

Note: All-Canadian selections began in 1962, division selections began in 1932 (IRFU) and 1937 (WIFU).

1938 IRFU Team All-Star Selections

Team Division Selections
Ottawa RedBlacks 7
Toronto Argonauts 6



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