QB Jackie Parker EDM
HB Ken Carpenter* SSK
HB Gerry James WPG
HB (plunging) Normie Kwong EDM
HB Leo Lewis, Jr. WPG
E Willie Roberts CGY
E Stan Williams SSK
C Kurt Burris EDM
G Harry Langford CGY
G Art Walker, Jr. EDM
T Dale Meinert EDM
T Robert “Buddy” Tinsley, Jr. WPG

Coach: Frank “Pop” Ivy – EDM

DT Dick Huffman WPG
DT Dale Meinert EDM
DE Frankie Anderson EDM
DE Gordon Sturtridge SSK
DG Floyd Harrawood WPG
DG Bob Levenhagen BC
SEC Kurt Burris EDM
SEC Ted Tully EDM
DHB Tom Casey WPG
DHB Bobby Marlow SSK
DHB Rollie Miles EDM
S Rupe Andrews, Jr. EDM

* – indicates unanimous selection

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Conference Breakdown

Career to 1955 WIFU Player All-Star Selections

Player Season Division Selection
Anderson, Frankie 4th 3rd
Andrews, Rupe Jr. 2nd 1st
Burris, Kurt 1st 2nd
Carpenter, Ken 2nd 1st
Casey, Tom 7th 6th
Harrawood, Floyd 3rd 1st
Huffman, Dick 5th 6th
James, Gerry 4th 1st
Kwong, Normie 8th 5th
Langford, Harry 6th 2nd
Levenhagen, Bob 3rd 2nd
Lewis, Leo Jr. 1st 1st
Marlow, Bobby 3rd 3rd
Meinert, Dale 1st 2nd
Miles, Rollie 5th 6th
Parker, Jackie 2nd 2nd
Roberts, Willie 1st 1st
Sturtridge, Gordon 3rd 1st
Tinsley, Robert “Buddy” Jr. 6th 4th
Tully, Ted 6th 1st
Walker, Art Jr. 1st 1st
Williams, Stan 3rd 2nd

Number of times player, through 1955, has been selected to First Team Division All-Star teams. Named to divisional team on offense and defense counts as two selections.

Note: All-Canadian selections began in 1962, division selections began in 1932 (IRFU) and 1937 (WIFU).

1955 WIFU Team All-Star Selections

Team Division Selections
Edmonton Elks 11
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 6
Saskatchewan Roughriders 4
Calgary Stampeders 2
BC Lions 1


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