Canadian Football Teams and History in Calgary, AB


Calgary, AB

Teams located in Calgary

Calgary teams with membership in a senior/professional Canadian League or Union

People from Calgary and Calgary Programs

  • Current players (2019) in CFL from Calgary: 7
  • Current players (2019) in CFL from Calgary programs: 25
  • All-time players in CFL from Calgary: 105
  • All-time players in CFL from Calgary programs: 279

Feeder Football Programs in Calgary

  • Calgary Colts Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Cougars Jr. (Junior)
  • North Hill Blizzard Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary (CIAU/CIS/U Sports)
  • East Calgary Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Bronks Jr. (Junior)
  • Mount Royal College Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Mohawks Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Army Cadets Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Mustangs Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary Altomahs Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary West End Tornadoes Jr. (Junior)
  • Calgary East End Golden Arrows Jr. (Junior)
  • Crescent Heights HS (High School)
  • East HS (High School)
  • Technical HS (High School)
  • Henry Wise Wood HS (High School)
  • Calgary Navy Cadets Jr. (Junior)
  • Bishop Carroll HS (High School)
  • Central HS (High School)
  • Centennial HS (High School)
  • Sir Winston Churchill HS (High School)
  • North Hill Hilltops Jr. (Junior)
  • Western Canada HS (High School)
  • John G. Diefenbaker HS (High School)
  • St. Francis HS (High School)
  • St. Mary's HS (High School)
  • Rundle HS (High School)
  • Viscount Bennett HS (High School)
  • Bishop McNally HS (High School)
  • Scarlett HS (High School)
  • Bishop Grandin HS (High School)
  • Father Lacombe HS (High School)
  • Lord Beaverbrook HS (High School)
  • Notre Dame HS (High School)

Grey Cup Host City

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