Canadian Football Teams and History in Regina, SK


Regina, SK

Teams located in Regina

Regina teams with membership in a senior/professional Canadian League or Union or competed against such senior team

People from Regina and Regina Programs

  • Current players (2021) in CFL from Regina: 10
  • Current players (2021) in CFL from Regina programs: 17
  • All-time players in CFL from Regina: 98
  • All-time players in CFL from Regina programs: 170

Feeder Football Programs in Regina

  • Regina (CIAU/CIS/U Sports)
  • Regina Rams Jr. (Junior)
  • Regina Thunder Jr. (Junior)
  • Regina Eastend Bombers Jr. (Junior)
  • Regina Dales Jr. (Junior)
  • Regina Bombers Jr. (Junior)
  • Balfour HS (High School)
  • Scott Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Miller HS (High School)
  • Robert Usher Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Archbishop M.C. O'Neill HS (High School)
  • Thom Collegiate HS (High School)
  • LeBoldus HS (High School)
  • Sheldon-Williams HS (High School)
  • Campbell Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Michael A. Riffel HS (High School)
  • Campion HS (High School)
  • Luther HS (High School)
  • Central Collegiate HS (High School)

Grey Cup Host City

Nov 19, 1995 BAL 37 vs CGY 20 Taylor Field 52,564
Nov 16, 2003 MTL 22 vs EDM 34 Taylor Field 50,909
Nov 24, 2013 HAM 23 @ SSK 45 Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field 44,710

Neutral Site Games in Regina