Canadian Football Teams and History in Winnipeg, MB


Winnipeg, MB

Teams located in Winnipeg

Winnipeg teams with membership in a senior/professional Canadian League or Union or competed against such senior team

People from Winnipeg and Winnipeg Programs

  • Current players (2023) in CFL from Winnipeg: 13
  • Current players (2023) in CFL from Winnipeg programs: 17
  • All-time players in CFL from Winnipeg: 207
  • All-time players in CFL from Winnipeg programs: 477

Feeder Football Programs in Winnipeg

  • Manitoba (CIAU/CIS/U Sports)
  • Winnipeg Rifles Jr. (Junior)
  • St. James Rams Int. (Intermediate)
  • Weston Wildcats Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg YMHA Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Rods Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Roamers Jr. (Junior)
  • St. Vital Bulldogs Int. (Intermediate)
  • Winnipeg Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Native Sons Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Light Infantry Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Hawkeyes Jr. (Junior)
  • St. James Rods Jr. (Junior)
  • Weston Invictus Redman Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Rams Int. (Intermediate)
  • Weston Monarchs Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Deer Lodge Jr. (Junior)
  • St. John's Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg St. Johns Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Gordon Bell HS (High School)
  • St. Paul's HS (High School)
  • St. John's HS (High School)
  • Kelvin HS (High School)
  • Isaac Newton HS (High School)
  • St. Vital Mustangs Jr. (Junior)
  • Daniel McIntyre HS (High School)
  • Glenlawn HS (High School)
  • Winnipeg Victorias Jr. (Junior)
  • Elmwood Int. (Intermediate)
  • Churchill HS (High School)
  • Kildonan East HS (High School)
  • Technical Vocational HS (High School)
  • Sturgeon Heights HS (High School)
  • Oak Park HS (High School)
  • Sisler HS (High School)
  • Charleswood HS (High School)
  • University of Winnipeg Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Jesuit HS (High School)
  • Dakota HS (High School)
  • Provencher HS (High School)
  • River East HS (High School)
  • Murdoch MacKay Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Vincent Massey Collegiate (High School)
  • Windsor Park HS (High School)

Grey Cup Host City

Nov 24, 1991 CGY 21 vs TOR 36 Winnipeg Stadium 51,985
Nov 22, 1998 CGY 26 vs HAM 24 Winnipeg Stadium 34,157
Nov 19, 2006 BC 25 vs MTL 14 Canad Inns Stadium 44,786
Nov 29, 2015 OTT 20 vs EDM 26 Investors Group Field 36,634

Neutral Site Games in Winnipeg