Canadian Football Teams and History in Winnipeg, MB


Winnipeg, MB

Teams located in Winnipeg

Winnipeg teams with membership in a senior/professional Canadian League or Union

People from Winnipeg and Winnipeg Programs

  • Current players (2019) in CFL from Winnipeg: 13
  • Current players (2019) in CFL from Winnipeg programs: 23
  • All-time players in CFL from Winnipeg: 127
  • All-time players in CFL from Winnipeg programs: 418

Feeder Football Programs in Winnipeg

  • Manitoba (CIAU/CIS/U Sports)
  • Winnipeg Rifles Jr. (Junior)
  • St. James Rams Int. (Intermediate)
  • Weston Wildcats Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg YMHA Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Rods Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Roamers Jr. (Junior)
  • St. Vital Bulldogs Int. (Intermediate)
  • Winnipeg Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Native Sons Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Light Infantry Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Hawkeyes Jr. (Junior)
  • St. James Rods Jr. (Junior)
  • Weston Invictus Redman Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Rams Int. (Intermediate)
  • Weston Monarchs Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg Deer Lodge Jr. (Junior)
  • St. John's Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Winnipeg St. Johns Grads Jr. (Junior)
  • Gordon Bell HS (High School)
  • St. Paul's HS (High School)
  • St. John's HS (High School)
  • Kelvin HS (High School)
  • Isaac Newton HS (High School)
  • St. Vital Mustangs Jr. (Junior)
  • Daniel McIntyre HS (High School)
  • Glenlawn HS (High School)
  • Winnipeg Victorias Jr. (Junior)
  • Elmwood Int. (Intermediate)
  • Churchill HS (High School)
  • Kildonan East HS (High School)
  • Technical Vocational HS (High School)
  • Sturgeon Heights HS (High School)
  • Oak Park HS (High School)
  • Sisler HS (High School)
  • Charleswood HS (High School)
  • University of Winnipeg Collegiate HS (High School)
  • Jesuit HS (High School)

Grey Cup Host City

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