CFLdb Statistics Contributor Tools

Using Contributor Tools

This tool page tries to provide researchers and contributors visibility into data missing from the database. Choose the tab that relates to your focus or interest and specify criteria to show the missing data. If you find sources for any missing data, follow the instructions below.

The current focus is original nine CFL clubs for decades 1950 to present. Queries will expand to other eras and clubs/leagues as need and demand require. Presently, the core history of the league is the priority to complete, and CFLdb will evaluate the response to the missing information available to query before expanding the scope.

Data should have a recorded source other than memory or conjecture. Sources will be listed in the database; when a written source is not available it is important to understand if a source came from a written record transcribing a PA announcement, for example, or other origin.

Contributing Data

You've found some data that is missing from the database and want to contribute it to CFLdb! On behalf of all that use CFLdb Statistics, thank you for your contribution; all additions help complete the Canadian football record, which is available for all to use.

In order to get information added to the database easily, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Compile the information, indicating the game, player or other item you are contributing to, the addition (e.g. attendance, game time, birth date, birth place) and source. If a link for the source can be provided, please include.
  • Using the contact form or email found on the Contact page send the information to CFLdb.
  • In the case of bulk data, we strongly suggest sending the information by email attachment, any standard file format is acceptable, but simpler is better like plain text, and there is no need to style the data. Standard and consistent information layout is preferred over prose and wordy explanations that require the data to be extracted.
  • Indicate how you would like to be credited (first contribution only, all subsequent contributions will be credited the same way unless otherwise instructed).
  • Include an email address where you can be contacted.
  • That's it! CFLdb will get the information added as soon as possible and let you know when the process is complete.

Have ideas on how contributor tools can be improved? Let CFLdb know your ideas that can improve the experience for researchers and contributors.

Other Contributor Sources for Missing Information

Games missing attendance can also be viewed on team attendance pages, All-Time tab.

League season schedules indicate missing game times, attendance and broadcasters (more correctly, potentially unknown broadcaster).

Select the missing information area, club and decade you are interested in researching to view the games with missing information.

Select the missing information area, club and decade you are interested in researching to view the persons with missing information.

Persons can be missing multiple pieces of information, be associated with multiple clubs, and across multiple decades so be aware of persons being returned in multiple queries.