Equalization Draft Selections

To TeamFrom TeamPlayer (Position)
MTL BC Spencer McLennan (S)  
MTL CGY Bruce Beaton (T)  
MTL EDM John Kalin (S)  
MTL EDM Hency Charles (LB)  
MTL HAM Lee Knight (FB)  
MTL OTT Nigel Williams (WR)  
MTL OTT Stefen Reid (LB)  
MTL SSK Bruce Boyko (FB)  
MTL TOR Jock Climie (SB)  
MTL TOR Terry Baker (K)  
MTL WPG Allan Boyko (WR)  
  • Montreal Alouettes Canadian Equalization Draft
  • Date: March 11, 1996
  • Location: by conference call
  • Rounds: 11
  • Players selected: 11

Details of draft are missing and lost to my memory. Possible Montreal was allowed to select 2 players (total 16) from list of unprotected non-import players on each of other eight member clubs. Some teams lacking two selections may be result of some other exchange, however, does not appear to be draft picks in 1996 or 1997 amateur drafts. Research is needed to correct record.


  • CFL Facts, Figures and Records 1996 Edition
  • 2019 Montreal Alouettes Media Guide


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