Memphis Mad Dogs 23 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21

Game Details

  • Week 5
  • 27th Game of Regular Season (40th Overall)
  • Monday, Jul 24, 1995 7:30 PM EDT ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, ON
    • Surface: Fixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)
    • Attendance: 20,324
    • Capacity: 29,183
  • Broadcaster:
    • TSN

Game Notes

Game Summary

Memphis went into Hamilton looking to continue their winning ways after defeating Saskatchewan last week and Ottawa earlier this week. The twenty thousand Hamilton fans were hoping to see their Tabbies put an end to the streak. Damon Allen opened up the game early hitting Eddie Brown for a 73 yard touchdown pass on the Mad Dogs’ second drive. Donald Igwebuike converted the play. Later Igwebuike attempted a 41 yard field goal and scored a single as the ball went wide of the mark. Memphis punter Peter Gardere got on the board sending a 51 yard kick into the end zone for a single. Hamilton opened their scoring on the second play of the second quarter when Paul Osbaldiston missed a 41 yard field goal attempt and scored a single. Osbaldiston scored again making a 35 yard field goal. Hamilton’s first major came with 2:43 left on the first half clock. Anthony Calvillo threw a 27 yard touchdown pass to Earl Winfield and Osbaldiston converted. As the clock ran out on the first half Osbaldiston hit his second of two field goals for the game from 44 yards out. The only scoring of the third quarter was by Memphis. Mad Dog running back John Martin capped an 8 play scoring drive running the ball in from the 1-yard line to extend the Memphis lead to nine. Osbaldiston scored a single on a missed a 33 yard field goal attempt that would have left them a converted touchdown from the lead. Hamilton punt returnee Sam Rogers ran one back from 3 yards inside his own end zone with 1:35 left on the game clock. Hamilton’s two-point conversion attempt to tie the game failed giving Memphis their third win in a row.

Source: Game Review, 1995 CFL Weekly Statistical Package

1994 and 1995 Hamilton and Memphis Matchups
1995Week 5MPH 23 @ HAM 21

Tiger-Cats record vs Mad Dogs (Regular Season)

Last decade (1985 to 1994)
  • at Hamilton 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Hamilton Total 0–1–0 (0.000)
All-time (through 1995)
  • at Hamilton 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Hamilton Total 0–1–0 (0.000)


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Mad Dogs 9 7 7 0 23
Tiger-Cats 0 14 0 7 21

Mad Dogs coach: Jack Pardee (W)
Tiger-Cats coach: Don Sutherin (L)

Mad Dogs (3-2-0) Next vs Argonauts Jul 30
Tiger-Cats (2-2-0) Next vs Eskimos Jul 28

Game Time Weather in Hamilton, ON

July 24th Hourly Weather Summary for Hamilton
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Feels Like Pressure
Burlington Piers (AUT) 7:00 PM Overcast 19.0°C N (30°) at 11 km/h 90% 101.19 kPa
Burlington Piers (AUT) 8:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 17.8°C N (10°) at 7 km/h 92% 101.15 kPa
Burlington Piers (AUT) 9:00 PM Overcast 17.7°C NNE (130°) at 0 km/h 92% 101.13 kPa
Burlington Piers (AUT) 10:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 20.0°C NNE (320°) at 6 km/h 92% 26 101.09 kPa
Burlington Piers (AUT) 11:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 19.7°C NE (360°) at 4 km/h 91% 101.10 kPa

Conditions at Burlington Piers (AUT) (5.75 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

Data from Dark Sky. Contains supplemental data (Conditions, Pressure, Cloud cover) from Dark Sky estimated conditions.

Data from Dark Sky. Contains supplemental data (Conditions, Wind direction, Pressure, Cloud cover) from Dark Sky estimated conditions.

League Records Set and Approached in MPH @ HAM
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