Memphis Mad Dogs 31 @ Shreveport Pirates 22

Game Details

  • Week 10
  • 66th Game of Regular Season (79th Overall)
  • Labour Day Sunday
  • Sunday, Sep 3, 1995 8:00 PM EDT ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, LA
    • Surface: Natural Grass
    • Attendance: 17,593
    • Capacity: 40,000

Game Notes

Game Summary

Independence Stadium in Shreveport saw the battle of two 4 and 6 teams fighting to make their way out of the basement in the Southern Division. Shreveport took the lead early in the first quarter as Bjorn Nittmo booted a 34 yard field goal. Memphis came right back on the play following the kickoff. Rickey Foggie threw a 90 yard touchdown pass to Joseph Horn. Nick Mystrom kicked the point after. Mystrom got on the board again with a 40 yard field goal to extend the Memphis lead. However, Shreveport came back to tie the game before the quarter ended. William Covington caught a 9 yard pass from B.J. Tolliver for the major and Nittmo kicked the convert. Aaron Kanner kicked a 65 yard punt for a single to open scoring in the second quarter. Nittmo tied the game again with a 47 yard missed field goal attempt for a single. Foggie threw his second TD pass of the game, this time to Alfred Shipman covering 31 yards. Mystrom kicked the convert. Nittmo and Mystrom kicked field goals from 14 and 13 yards respectively to round out first half scoring. Mystrom kicked another field goal from 22 yards out this time to extend the Memphis lead. Shreveport scored 2 points on a safety as Kanner ran out of the end zone. Nittmo booted two consecutive field goals, from 14 and 51 yards, at the beginning of the fourth quarter that proved to be the end of Shreveport’s scoring. Memphis managed to hold off Shreveport and put another TD on the board. Shipman ran the ball in from the 1-yard line for his second TD of the game. Mystrom’s convert made the final score 31 to 22 in favour of the visiting Memphis Mad Dogs.

Source: Game Review, 1995 CFL Weekly Statistical Package

1994 and 1995 Shreveport and Memphis Matchups
1995Week 10MPH 31 @ SHR 22
Week 11SHR 21 @ MPH 22

Pirates record vs Mad Dogs (Regular Season)

Last decade (1985 to 1994)
  • at Shreveport 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • at Memphis 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Shreveport Total 0–2–0 (0.000)
All-time (through 1995)
  • at Shreveport 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • at Memphis 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Shreveport Total 0–2–0 (0.000)


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Mad Dogs 10 11 3 7 31
Pirates 10 4 2 6 22

Mad Dogs coach: Jack Pardee (W)
Pirates coach: Forrest Gregg (L)

Mad Dogs (5-6-0) Next vs Pirates Sep 10
Pirates (4-7-0) Next @ Mad Dogs Sep 10

Game Time Weather in Shreveport, LA

September 3rd Hourly Weather Summary for Shreveport
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
7:00 PM Dry and Mostly Cloudy 35.1°C N (80°) at 5 km/h 26% 101.49 kPa
8:00 PM Partly Cloudy 31.9°C NNE (140°) at 5 km/h 34% 101.51 kPa
9:00 PM Partly Cloudy 28.7°C N (90°) at 9 km/h 45% 101.56 kPa
10:00 PM Partly Cloudy 28.9°C NNE (120°) at 11 km/h 43% 101.59 kPa

Data from Dark Sky. Estimated conditions.

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