Calgary Stampeders 62 @ Montreal Alouettes 22

Game Details

  • Week 3
  • 10th Game of Regular Season (19th Overall)
  • Wednesday, Jul 10, 1996 7:30 PM EDT ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, QC
    • Surface: Fixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)
    • Attendance: 19,362
    • Capacity: 56,245
  • Broadcasters:
    • TSN
    • RDS

Game Notes

Game Summary

Jeff Garcia continues on a tear after taking over the reigns following the departure of Doug Flutie from Calgary. Garcia threw for 304 yards and three touchdowns in a blowout of the Montreal Alouettes this week. Garcia’s first TD pass came early in the first quarter connecting with Travis Moore on a 34 yard play. Mark McLoughlin kicked the convert. On the next possession, Montreal got trapped near their own end zone and were forced to concede a safety. Garcia didn’t waste any time putting more points on the board. Allen Pitts took a 20 yard pass from Garcia into the end zone for the major. McLoughlin followed with the convert. Montreal came back to put a solid drive together before the end of the quarter. QB Tracy Ham, just back from injury, connected with Chris Armstrong for a 26 yard touchdown. Alouettes’ kicker Terry Baker kicked the convert. Calgary continued to dominate in the second quarter. Garcia and Pitts got together for Calgary’s third TD pass covering 25 yards. McLoughlin split the uprights with the convert attempt. McLoughlin added 6 more points in the quarter hitting field goals from 34 and 41 yards out. The Calgary defence helped out the cause minutes later. Linebacker Darryl Hall stripped the ball from Tracy Ham and returned it 50 yards for a touchdown. McLoughlin again kicked the convert. Montreal scrambled for some respectability scoring with 0:15 remaining in the quarter. Armstrong caught his second TD pass from Ham, this time from 35 yards out. Baker’s convert left Montreal trailing by 22 at the half. Calgary continued to roll in the third quarter. McLoughlin sent a 45 yard field goal attempt through on Calgary’s first possession of the half. Minutes later Kelvin Anderson took the ball in from the 1-yard line for the major and McLoughlin put his fifth convert through. Calgary scored their second safety of the game 1:30 before the end of the quarter after Baker bobbled a bad snap from centre. Baker made 1 point back early in the fourth by sending a 59 yard punt into the end zone for a single. Stampeders’ Kelvin Anderson scored his second TD of the game taking the ball in from the 7-yard line. Montreal and Calgary swapped touchdowns to round out the scoring for the game. Montreal DB Charles Gordon returned a fumble 48 yards for Montreal and Farell Duclair rushed a yard for Calgary’s major. Calgary coach Wally Buono’s return to the city where he played ended very successfully. Montreal, on the other hand, has come out of three very tough games without a win to begin the season.

Source: Game Review, 1996 CFL Weekly Statistical Package

1995 and 1996 Montreal and Calgary Matchups
1996Week 3CGY 62 @ MTL 22
Week 12MTL 25 @ CGY 23

Alouettes record vs Stampeders (Regular Season)

Last decade (1986 to 1995)
  • at Montreal 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • at Calgary 1–0–0 (1.000)
  • Montreal Total 1–1–0 (0.500)
All-time (through 1996)
  • at Montreal 9–8–0 (0.529)
  • at Calgary 5–11–1 (0.324)
  • Montreal Total 14–19–1 (0.426)

Streaks as of July 10, 1996 (Regular Season)

Alouettes streak at home vs Stampeders
Alouettes streak overall vs Stampeders


Scoring Summary
1st Quarter

1. CGY: Touchdown MOORE (34 yard pass from GARCIA) 3:39
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
2. CGY: Safety touch BAKER conceded 5:01
3. CGY: Touchdown PITTS (20 yard pass from GARCIA) 11:16
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
4. MTL: Touchdown ARMSTRONG (26 yard pass from HAM) 14:34
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER

2nd Quarter

5. CGY: Touchdown PITTS (25 yard pass from GARCIA) 2:25
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
6. CGY: Field Goal MCLOUGHLIN (34 yards) 7:46
7. CGY: Field Goal MCLOUGHLIN (41 yards) 12:07
8. CGY: Touchdown HALL (50 yard Fumble return) 13:36
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN 13:36
9. MTL: Touchdown ARMSTRONG (36 yard pass from HAM) 14:45
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER 14:45

3rd Quarter

10. CGY: Field Goal MCLOUGHLIN (45 yards) 1:43
11. CGY: Touchdown ANDERSON (1 yard) 4:28
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
12. CGY: Safety touch DEFENCE 13:30

4th Quarter

13. MTL: Single BAKER (44 yards off a Punt) 0:40
14. CGY: Touchdown ANDERSON (7 yards) 8:25
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
15. MTL: Touchdown GORDON (48 yard Fumble return) 13:15
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER 13:15
16. CGY: Touchdown DUCLAIR (1 yard)
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Stampeders 16 20 12 14 62
Alouettes 7 7 0 8 22
Yardsticks (Team Statistics)
First Downs2518
Total Offence543381
Team Losses1250
Net Offence531331
Pass Comp-Att22-3120-35
Interceptions by-yards1-00-0
Punts-Net Avg.5-37.08-42.0
Time of Possession35:0324:57

CGYGARCIA: 18/26, 304 YDS, 3 TD, 0 INT; BARRETT: 4/5, 133 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT; MTLHAM: 20/35, 299 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT;


CGYANDERSON: 18/85 YDS, 2 TD; GARCIA: 3/11 YDS, 0 TD; DUCLAIR: 4/10 YDS, 1 TD; MTLSOLES: 7/37 YDS, 0 TD; HAM: 5/28 YDS, 0 TD; SAUNDERS: 5/17 YDS, 0 TD;


CGYVAUGHN: 5/158 YDS, 0 TD; PITTS: 5/131 YDS, 2 TD; MOORE: 2/48 YDS, 1 TD; ANDERSON: 5/44 YDS, 0 TD; FORDE: 2/39 YDS, 0 TD; SAPUNJIS: 2/12 YDS, 0 TD; DUCLAIR: 1/5 YDS, 0 TD; MTLARMSTRONG: 5/105 YDS, 2 TD; CLIMIE: 4/65 YDS, 0 TD; SOLES: 5/62 YDS, 0 TD; JAUCH: 2/34 YDS, 0 TD; WILLIAMS: 1/19 YDS, 0 TD; SAUNDERS: 3/14 YDS, 0 TD;

Player of the Game Offence

Allen Pitts CGY (SB)

Player of the Game Defence

Anthony McClanahan CGY (LB)

Stampeders coach: Wally Buono (W)
Alouettes coach: Bob Price (L)

Stampeders (3-0-0) Next vs Tiger-Cats Jul 21
Alouettes (0-3-0) Next @ Lions Jul 20

Game Extra

Lead Changes (Experimental)
  • Total: 1
  • Times CGY held lead: 1
  • Times tied: 1
  • Times MTL held lead: 0
Lead/Trailed and Time in Lead
Largest Lead / Deficit+40 / NoneNone / -40
Time in Lead48:3911:2100:00
Consecutive Points
CGY16 20 12 7 7
MTL 7 7 1 7 

Game Time Weather in Montreal, QC

July 10th Hourly Weather Summary for Montreal
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
McTavish 7:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 19.7°C NNE (210°) at 2 km/h 62% 101.05 kPa
McTavish 8:00 PM Breezy and Mostly Cloudy 19.2°C NNE (200°) at 6 km/h 63% 101.09 kPa
McTavish 9:00 PM Breezy and Partly Cloudy 18.5°C NNE (330°) at 6 km/h 65% 101.13 kPa
McTavish 10:00 PM Partly Cloudy 18.0°C NNE (320°) at 6 km/h 66% 101.18 kPa
McTavish 11:00 PM Partly Cloudy 17.1°C N (20°) at 2 km/h 70% 101.26 kPa

Conditions at McTavish (6.26 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

Data from Dark Sky. Contains supplemental data (Conditions, Pressure, Cloud cover) from Dark Sky estimated conditions.

League Records Set and Approached in CGY @ MTL
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR



  • Steve Daniel/CFL


  • Data is verified (Data Complete)