Calgary Stampeders 36 @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers 38

Game Details

  • Week 5
  • 23rd Game of Regular Season (32nd Overall)
  • Monday, Jul 29, 1996 8:30 PM EDT ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Winnipeg Stadium in Winnipeg, MB
    • Surface: Fixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)
    • Attendance: 24,900
    • Capacity: 33,675

Game Notes

Game Summary

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers pulled off the biggest upset of this season. The Bombers, who were coming off a poor showing in Montreal, came from behind to steal two points and hand Calgary their first loss of the year. Bomber RB Michael Richardson got on the board first capping Winnipeg’s first possession with a 5 yard touchdown run. Troy Westwood kicked the convert. Calgary answered back with a touchdown of their own. Kelvin Anderson carried the ball from the 1-yard line but fumbled just before the goal line. WR Vince Danielsen jumped on the loose ball in the end zone for the touchdown. Kicker Mark McLoughlin booted the convert for the Stamps. At the end of the first quarter, Anderson made up for his slippery hands minutes before by snagging a 6 yard pass from Jeff Garcia in the end zone for Calgary’s second TD of the game. Early in the second quarter, Westwood set up for a 52 yard field goal attempt and missed. He did manage to score a single on the play. At 13:15 of the quarter Westwood got the call again. Westwood made good on this attempt from 24 yards. Calgary called on Anderson to capitalize following big play by outstanding slotback Dave Sapunjis. Anderson carried the ball in from the 1-yard line for the major. Sure-footed McLoughlin kicked the convert. With no time remaining in the first half, Westwood attempted his third field goal of the game. Westwood hit a 57 yard blast to leave the Bombers trailing by 7 at the half. Bob Cameron opened scoring in the second half sending a 55 yard punt into the end zone to record a single. Winnipeg notched their second TD minutes later when CB Damion Lyons intercepted a pass by Garcia and returned it 56 yards for the major. Westwood scored the convert. Calgary regained their lead by sending Anderson in from the 8-yard line for his third TD of the game. McLoughlin kicked the convert. As time ran out in the third, Calgary scored again. Garcia connected with Travis Moore for a 28 yard scoring play. McLoughlin sent his fifth convert of the game through for the Stamps. Calgary seemed to have the game well in hand until the 13:00 mark of the fourth quarter until Slack hit Milt Stegall with a 53 yard bomb bringing the Winnipeg back into the game. Westwood kicked the convert. Calgary conceded a safety less than a minute later bringing the Bomber deficit to 4. Twenty seconds later Slack connected with Eric Guliford in the end zone, covering 30 yards, putting Winnipeg in the lead. Westwood’s convert gave Winnipeg a 3 point lead with 0:16 to play in the game. Calgary got McLoughlin setup for a 53 yard field goal attempt to tie the game with no time remaining. McLoughlin’s kick came up just short but did manage to score the single. The Bomber’s moved in to a tie with Edmonton for second place in the West with the win.

Source: Game Review, 1996 CFL Weekly Statistical Package

1995 and 1996 Winnipeg and Calgary Matchups
1995Week 12WPG 28 @ CGY 43
Week 13CGY 43 @ WPG 39
1996Week 1WPG 12 @ CGY 39
Week 5CGY 36 @ WPG 38

Blue Bombers record vs Stampeders (Regular Season)

Last decade (1986 to 1995)
  • at Winnipeg 7–3–0 (0.700)
  • at Calgary 3–7–0 (0.300)
  • Winnipeg Total 10–10–0 (0.500)
All-time (through 1996)
  • at Winnipeg 50–28–0 (0.641)
  • at Calgary 30–48–0 (0.385)
  • Winnipeg Total 80–76–0 (0.513)

Streaks as of July 29, 1996 (Regular Season)

Blue Bombers streak at home vs Stampeders
Blue Bombers streak overall vs Stampeders


Scoring Summary
1st Quarter

1. WPG: Touchdown RICHARDSON (2 yards) 2:00
  WPG: Convert Kick WESTWOOD
2. CGY: Touchdown DANIELSEN (1 yard) 9:40
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
3. CGY: Touchdown ANDERSON (7 yard pass from GARCIA) 14:07
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN

2nd Quarter

4. WPG: Single WESTWOOD (53 yards off a Missed Field Goal) 5:04
5. WPG: Field Goal WESTWOOD (25 yards) 13:15
6. CGY: Touchdown ANDERSON (1 yard) 14:22
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN 14:22
7. WPG: Field Goal WESTWOOD (57 yards) 15:00

3rd Quarter

8. WPG: Single CAMERON (55 yards off a Punt) 2:21
9. WPG: Touchdown LYONS (56 yard Interception return) 11:37
  WPG: Convert Kick WESTWOOD
10. CGY: Touchdown ANDERSON (8 yards) 10:58
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN
11. CGY: Touchdown MOORE (28 yard pass from GARCIA) 15:00
  CGY: Convert Kick MCLOUGHLIN 15:00

4th Quarter

12. WPG: Touchdown STEGALL (52 yard pass from SLACK) 13:37
  WPG: Convert Kick WESTWOOD 13:37
13. WPG: Safety touch MARTINO conceded 14:24
14. WPG: Touchdown GULIFORD (30 yard pass from SLACK) 14:44
  WPG: Convert Kick WESTWOOD 14:44
15. CGY: Single MCLOUGHLIN (53 yards off a Missed Field Goal) 15:00

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Stampeders 14 7 14 1 36
Blue Bombers 7 7 8 16 38
Yardsticks (Team Statistics)
First Downs2620
Total Offence399371
Team Losses3719
Net Offence362352
Pass Comp-Att25-4125-40
Interceptions by-yards2-181-56
Punts-Net Avg.9-41.08-44.0
Time of Possession36:2526:35

CGYGARCIA: 24/40, 314 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT; BARRETT: 1/1, 7 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT; WPGAUSTIN: 19/32, 208 YDS, 0 TD, 1 INT; SLACK: 6/8, 126 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT;




CGYVAUGHN: 6/83 YDS, 0 TD; SAPUNJIS: 2/69 YDS, 0 TD; MOORE: 4/56 YDS, 1 TD; PITTS: 5/44 YDS, 0 TD; ANDERSON: 5/39 YDS, 1 TD; DANIELSEN: 3/30 YDS, 0 TD; WPGSTEGALL: 6/88 YDS, 1 TD; O'BANNON: 4/72 YDS, 0 TD; GULIFORD: 4/69 YDS, 1 TD; RICHARDSON: 4/43 YDS, 0 TD; BOYKO: 4/33 YDS, 0 TD; LYTLE: 3/29 YDS, 0 TD;

Player of the Game Offence

Eric Guliford WPG (WR)

Player of the Game Defence

Will Johnson CGY (DE)

Stampeders coach: Wally Buono (L)
Blue Bombers coach: Cal Murphy (W)

Stampeders (4-1-0) Next vs Roughriders Aug 05
Blue Bombers (3-3-0) Next vs Rough Riders Aug 10

Game Extra

Lead Changes (Experimental)
  • Total: 7
  • Times CGY held lead: 2
  • Times tied: 3
  • Times WPG held lead: 3
Lead/Trailed and Time in Lead
Largest Lead / Deficit+13 / -7+7 / -13
Time in Lead43:4408:3307:43
Consecutive Points
CGY 14 7 14 1
WPG7 4 11 16 

Game Time Weather in Winnipeg, MB

July 29th Hourly Weather Summary for Winnipeg
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
Richardson Int'l A 7:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 21.1°C N (90°) at 13 km/h 63% 99.21 kPa
Richardson Int'l A 8:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 19.1°C NNE (200°) at 11 km/h 71% 99.25 kPa
Richardson Int'l A 9:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 17.6°C NNE (250°) at 4 km/h 80% 99.31 kPa
Richardson Int'l A 10:00 PM Mainly Clear 15.0°C NE (350°) at 7 km/h 91% 99.28 kPa
Richardson Int'l A 11:00 PM Mainly Clear 14.6°C NNE (280°) at 6 km/h 90% 99.25 kPa

Conditions at Winnipeg Richardson Int'l A (4.27 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

League Records Set and Approached in CGY @ WPG
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR



  • Steve Daniel/CFL


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