BC Lions 35 @ Montreal Alouettes 45

Game Details

  • East Division Semi-final
  • 81st Game of 1997
  • Sunday, Nov 2, 1997 12:45 PM EST ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium in Montreal, QC
    • Surface: Fixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)
    • Attendance: 16,257
    • Capacity: 18,027
  • Broadcaster:
    • CBC

Game Notes

Eastern Semi-Final played at Percival Molson Stadium

Game Summary

Under overcast skies the Alouettes took the Molson Stadium field on the McGill University campus for the first time in over a decade. Their rivals were the BC Lions, the first ever Western Conference team to play in an Eastern playoff match. The season high 16,257 fans on hand seemed to inspire the Alouettes as they jumped to an early 21-2 lead in the first quarter. FB Michael Soles got the ball rolling for the Als’ as he powered into the end zone from one yard out at 7:25 for his first rushing TD of the season. K Terry Baker was good on the convert, and on the kickoff that followed when LB Elfrid Payton scooped up a fumble and took it 30 yards for the score. At 12:15 Soles scored his second rushing major of the afternoon, once again from one yard out. Baker’s convert attempt was successful. The only scoring BC could muster in the quarter was a 2-point safety off a bad snap to close the quarter at 14:42. Montreal continued to dominate in the first stages of the second quarter as RB Mike Pringle finished off the first drive of the new period with a 18-yard TD run. Baker’s convert pushed the Montreal lead to 24 points. BC rallied midway through the quarter after K Lui Passaglia hoofed an 11-yard FG which was followed by WR Jimmy “The Jet” Cunningham’s 42-yard TD reception at 8:11. Passaglia’s convert cut into the Montreal lead making the score 28-12. Any momentum that BC was building, however, soon dissipated as DB Doug Craft scooped up a loose ball taking it 3 yards for the games second fumble recovery TD at 12:19. Then at 14:34 Pringle scored his second rushing TD taking the ball in from the 28 yard-line. Baker was good on both convert attempts giving Montreal a 42-12 cushion at half-time. The Lions opened the scoring in the second half after SB Trevor Shaw hauled in a 19-yard TD pass from QB Damon Allen at the 7 minute mark. Then RB Cory Philpot caught Allen’s pass for a successful 2-point convert. Allen followed that up with a 2-yard rush at 10:05 for the major score. Another 2-point conversion was attempted, this time with Allen calling his own number with the desired results. Baker’s 32-yard FG closed the scoring in the quarter with Montreal holding a 45-28 advantage. The final stanza of play was a low scoring affair when compared to the other periods as both defences tightened. Passaglia’s 33-yard FG attempt just 56 seconds into play sailed wide but still scored a single. Afterwards, Philpot hooked up with Allen for a 15-yard major at 13:57. Another 2-point convert was attempted by Allen but was unsuccessful making the final score from rustic Molson Stadium, Montreal 45, BC 35. The win propels Montreal into the East Division final next Sunday in Toronto.

Source: Game Review, 1997 CFL Weekly Statistical Package

1996 and 1997 Montreal and BC Matchups
1996Week 4MTL 44 @ BC 24
Week 11BC 27 @ MTL 28
1997Week 7MTL 45 @ BC 31
Week 10BC 33 @ MTL 34
Division Semi-FinalBC 35 @ MTL 45

Alouettes record vs Lions (Playoffs)

Last decade (1987 to 1996)
  • at Montreal 1–0–0 (1.000)
  • Montreal Total 1–0–0 (1.000)
All-time (through 1997)
  • at Montreal 1–0–0 (1.000)
  • Montreal Total 1–0–0 (1.000)

1 – All-time game results for playoffs allow ties, as record is for games, not series.


Scoring Summary
1st Quarter

1. MTL: Touchdown SOLES (1 yard) 7:25
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER
2. MTL: Touchdown PAYTON (30 yard Fumble return) 8:33
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER
3. MTL: Touchdown SOLES (1 yard) 12:45
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER
4. BC: Safety touch BAKER conceded 14:42

2nd Quarter

5. MTL: Touchdown PRINGLE (18 yards) 2:22
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER
6. BC: Field Goal PASSAGLIA (11 yards) 5:22
7. BC: Touchdown CUNNINGHAM (42 yard pass from ALLEN) 8:11
  BC: Convert Kick PASSAGLIA
8. MTL: Touchdown CRAFT (3 yard Fumble return) 12:19
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER 12:19
9. MTL: Touchdown PRINGLE (28 yards) 14:34
  MTL: Convert Kick BAKER 14:34

3rd Quarter

10. BC: Touchdown SHAW (19 yard pass from ALLEN) 7:00
  BC: 2-point convert PHILPOT (5 yard pass from ALLEN)
11. BC: Touchdown ALLEN (2 yards) 10:05
  BC: 2-point convert ALLEN (5 yards)
12. MTL: Field Goal BAKER (32 yards) 13:13

4th Quarter

13. BC: Single PASSAGLIA (31 yards off a Missed Field Goal) 0:56
14. BC: Touchdown PHILPOT (14 yard pass from ALLEN) 13:57
  BC: 2-point convert ALLEN failed 13:57

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Lions 2 10 16 7 35
Alouettes 21 21 3 0 45
Yardsticks (Team Statistics)
First Downs2428
Total Offence452442
Team Losses4099
Net Offence412343
Pass Comp-Att25-4010-14
Interceptions by-yards0-02-1
Punts-Net Avg.5-7.44-9.0
Time of Possession25:1334:47

BCALLEN: 24/39, 371 YDS, 3 TD, 2 INT; CARAVATTA: 1/1, 9 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT; MTLHAM: 9/13, 88 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT; GRAVES: 1/1, 2 YDS, 0 TD, 0 INT;


BCALLEN: 15/60 YDS, 1 TD; PHILPOT: 5/12 YDS, 0 TD; YAMAOKA: 1/0 YDS, 0 TD; MTLPRINGLE: 32/264 YDS, 2 TD; SOLES: 7/61 YDS, 2 TD; HAM: 5/27 YDS, 0 TD;


BCCUNNINGHAM: 10/150 YDS, 1 TD; PHILPOT: 7/66 YDS, 1 TD; SHAW: 3/56 YDS, 1 TD; TREVATHAN: 3/51 YDS, 0 TD; DONALDSON: 1/38 YDS, 0 TD; YAMAOKA: 1/19 YDS, 0 TD; MTLARMSTRONG: 2/26 YDS, 0 TD; SOLES: 3/22 YDS, 0 TD; COLEMAN: 2/21 YDS, 0 TD; CLIMIE: 2/16 YDS, 0 TD; WILLIAMS: 1/5 YDS, 0 TD;

Lions coach: Adam Rita (L)
Alouettes coach: Dave Ritchie, II (W)

Game Extra

Lead Changes (Experimental)
  • Total: 1
  • Times BC held lead: 0
  • Times tied: 1
  • Times MTL held lead: 1
Lead/Trailed and Time in Lead
Largest Lead / DeficitNone / -30+30 / None
Time in Lead00:0007:3552:25
Consecutive Points
BC 2 10 16 7
MTL21 7 14 3 

Game Time Weather in Montreal, QC

November 2nd Hourly Weather Summary for Montreal
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
McTavish 12:00 PM Overcast 16.4°C NNE (320°) at 9 km/h 82% 99.62 kPa
McTavish 1:00 PM Overcast 16.4°C NNE (310°) at 9 km/h 79% 99.80 kPa
McTavish 2:00 PM Overcast 16.4°C NNE (300°) at 4 km/h 78% 99.87 kPa
McTavish 3:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 16.5°C NNE (300°) at 4 km/h 79% 99.88 kPa
McTavish 4:00 PM Mostly Cloudy 17.1°C NNE (320°) at 7 km/h 71% 99.88 kPa

Conditions at McTavish (0.57 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

Data from Dark Sky. Contains supplemental data (Conditions, Pressure, Cloud cover) from Dark Sky estimated conditions.

League Records Set and Approached in BC @ MTL
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR
Rushing Yards – Game 1st 1st 264 yards Mike Pringle Nov. 2, 1997–Present



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