Toronto Argonauts 24 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23

Game Details

  • Week 10
  • 40th Game of Regular Season (40th Overall)
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Monday, Oct. 11, 2021 4 PM EDT ( )
  • at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, ON
    • Surface: Granulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)
    • Field condition: Dry
    • Attendance: 21,378
    • Capacity: 24,300
  • Broadcaster:
    • TSN in HD
2019 and 2021 Hamilton and Toronto Matchups
2019Week CTOR 30 @ HAM 23
Week 2HAM 64 @ TOR 14
Week 12TOR 27 @ HAM 38
Week 21TOR 18 @ HAM 21
2021Week 5TOR 19 @ HAM 32
Week 6HAM 16 @ TOR 17
Week 10TOR 24 @ HAM 23
Week 15HAM @ TOR

Tiger-Cats record vs Argonauts (Regular Season)

Last decade (2012 to 2021)
  • at Hamilton 11–3–0 (0.786)
  • at Toronto 6–8–0 (0.429)
  • Hamilton Total 17–11–0 (0.607)
All-time (through 2021)
  • at Hamilton 103–55–3 (0.649)
  • at Toronto 75–83–5 (0.475)
  • Hamilton Total 178–138–8 (0.562)

Streaks as of Oct. 11, 2021 (Regular Season)

Tiger-Cats streak at home vs Argonauts
Tiger-Cats streak overall vs Argonauts


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Argonauts 0 5 0 19 24
Tiger-Cats 9 3 1 10 23

Argonauts coach: Ryan Dinwiddie (W)
Tiger-Cats coach: Orlondo Steinauer (L)

Argonauts (6-3-0) Next @ Alouettes Oct 22
Tiger-Cats (4-5-0) Next vs RedBlacks Oct 23

Scoring summary, team and individual statistics courtesy of the CFL.

Stadium Conditions at Kickoff

Clear, 25°C , Field: Dry

Kickoff stadium and field conditions courtesy the CFL.

Game Time Weather in Hamilton, ON

October 11th Hourly Weather Summary for Hamilton
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
Portable Weather Station 4:00 PM None NA NA NA NA
Portable Weather Station 5:00 PM None NA NA NA NA
Portable Weather Station 6:00 PM None NA NA NA NA
Portable Weather Station 7:00 PM None NA NA NA NA

Conditions at Southern Ontario Emergency Portable Weather Station (3.92 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

Toronto Argonauts Roster
# PosName Class Status
96 DL Acheampong, Samuel N A
59 OL Allen, Dejon A S
9 QB Arbuckle, Nick A A
14 K Bede, Boris A A
4 QB Bethel-Thompson, McLeod A S
53 OL Blake, Philip N S
18 WR Brissett, Dejon N A
24 DB Butler, Crezdon A S
67 OL Campbell, Jamal N S
45 LB Cassar, Jack N A
47 LB Chevrier, Alexandre N A
51 OL Churchill, Theren N A
2 WR Collins, Ricky Jr. A S
17 DB Colquhoun, Arjen N A
38 RB Cross, Declan N A
80 WR Daniels, DaVaris A S
20 DB Decoud, Treston A S
94 DL Ealy, Kony A S
6 LB Edwards, Chris A S
95 DL Foote, Fabion N S
29 RB Foster, D.J. A S
64 OL Giffen, Dylan N A
19 WR Gittens, Kurleigh Jr. N S
27 DB Hagerty, Joshua N A
98 DL Howard, Eli A A
43 LB Hoyte, Trevor N S
39 DL Hughes, Charleston A R
82 WR Jeanpiere, Damion A S
46 LS Latour, Maxime N A
86 FB Lavoie, Patrick N A
32 DL Law, Cordarro A S
26 LB McCoil, Dexter Sr. A S
25 LB Mencer, Eli A A
52 OL Nicastro, Peter N S
81 WR Nield, Tommy N A
90 DL Oakman, Shawn A S
34 RB Ouellette, A.J. A A
36 RB Pellerin, Dion N A
12 DB Peters, Jamal A S
23 DB Richards, Jeff A S
68 OL Richards, Shane N S
1 DB Richardson, Shaquille A S
37 RB Robo, Asnnel G A
40 DL Smith, Robbie N A
88 WR Worthy, Chandler A S
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Roster
# PosName Class Status
80 WR Acklin, Jaelon A S
86 WR Addison, Bralon A S
2 DB Adeleke, Tunde N S
99 DL Autry, Lee II A S
29 RB Bennett, Jackson N A
18 K Bertolet, Taylor A A
28 LB Beverette, Tyrice A A
26 DB Brooks, Cariel A S
93 DL Carney, Malik A A
60 OL Ciraco, Darius N S
35 DB Daly, Mike N A
56 DL Davis, Ja'Gared A S
82 WR Dunbar, Steven Jr. A S
0 DB Evans, Ciante A S
36 LB Feltmate, Bailey N A
38 FB Garand-Gauthier, Felix N A
67 OL Gibbon, Jesse N A
77 DL Gnahoua, Valentin G A
17 WR Green, Marcus A A
95 DL Howsare, Julian A S
20 RB Irons, Maleek N A
5 RB Jackson, Don A R
84 TE Kalinic, Nikola N A
30 DB Katsantonis, Stavros N A
11 LB Kelly, Kameron A S
97 DL Laurent, Ted N A
24 DB Lawrence, Desmond A S
21 LB Lawrence, Simoni A S
8 QB Masoli, Jeremiah A S
69 OL Murray, Jordan A S
44 LB Newton, Curtis N A
57 OL Revenberg, Brandon N S
25 DB Rolle, Jumal A S
45 LB Santos-Knox, Jovan A S
53 LS Schnitzler, Tom N A
88 WR Ternowski, Tyler N A
31 RB Thomas Erlington, Sean N S
83 WR Ungerer, David III N S
54 OL Van Zeyl, Chris N S
6 QB Watford, David A A
12 WR White, Tim A S
32 K Whitford, Joel G A
58 LB Whyte, Gordon N A
64 OL Woodmansey, Coulter N S
98 DL Wynn, Dylan A S
League Records Set and Approached in TOR @ HAM

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