Edmonton Elks 0 @ BC Lions 22

Game Details

  • Week 2
  • 7th Game of Regular Season (16th Overall)
  • Saturday, Jun 17, 2023 7:00 PM EDT ( )
  • (Local)
  • at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC
    • Surface: Granulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)
    • Roof open
    • Attendance: 33,103
    • Capacity: 52,465
  • Broadcasters:
    • TSN in HD
    • CBSSN in HD
  • Streaming:
2022 and 2023 BC and Edmonton Matchups
2022Week 1EDM 15 @ BC 59
Week 9EDM 14 @ BC 46
Week 20BC 31 @ EDM 14
2023Week 2EDM 0 @ BC 22
Week 8BC 27 @ EDM 0
Week 16BC 37 @ EDM 29

Lions record vs Elks (Regular Season)

Last decade (2013 to 2022)
  • at BC 8–5–0 (0.615)
  • at Edmonton 3–8–0 (0.273)
  • BC Total 11–13–0 (0.458)
All-time (through 2023)
  • at BC 48–54–3 (0.471)
  • at Edmonton 39–62–1 (0.387)
  • BC Total 87–116–4 (0.430)

Streaks as of June 17, 2023 (Regular Season)

Lions streak at home vs Elks
Lions streak overall vs Elks


Scoring Summary

Scoring summary is unavailable from source.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Elks 0 0 0 0 0
Lions 0 9 10 3 22
Yardsticks (Team Statistics)

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Individual stats are unavailable from source.

Elks coach: Chris Jones (L)
Lions coach: Rick Campbell (W)

Scoring summary, team and individual statistics courtesy of the CFL.

Game Time Weather in Vancouver, BC

June 17th Hourly Weather Summary for Vancouver
Site Local Time Condition Temp. Wind Humidity Pressure
Vancouver Harbour CS 4:00 PM NA 17.0°C NA 59% NA
Vancouver Harbour CS 5:00 PM NA 16.8°C NA 56% NA
Vancouver Harbour CS 6:00 PM NA 15.6°C NA 59% NA
Vancouver Harbour CS 7:00 PM NA 15.2°C NA 58% NA

Conditions at Vancouver Harbour CS (2.24 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

2023 Game Rosters are compiled by CFLdb from team depth charts. Does not include GTDs or other late roster changes. Use at your own risk. Contributions and corrections welcome.
Edmonton Elks Roster
# PosName Class Status
47 LS Adjey, Peter N A
33 LB Appolon, Woodly N A
84 SB Arceneaux, Emmanuel A S
24 DHB Bratton, Darrius A S
44 LB Brodrique, Michael N A
22 R Brooks, Shannon A A
4 RB Brown, Kevin A S
52 DL Burton-Krahn, Luke N A
94 DE Ceresna, Jake A S
85 R Cobb, Gavin N A
15 QB Cornelius, Taylor A S
92 DL Curtis, Noah N A
23 LB Dominique, Jeremie N A
7 SB Dunbar, Steven Jr. A S
90 DT Ealy, Kony A S
18 K Faithfull, Dean G A
82 WR Forbes-Mombleau, Vincent N S
2 QB Ford, Tre N A
68 LG Foucault, David N S
11 CB Gainey, Ed A S
60 LT Garnett, Andrew A S
29 CB Gray, Kai A S
27 FB Green, Tanner N A
59 OL Grohovac, Phillip N A
20 DB Hutter, Scott N A
64 RG Jack-Kurdyla, Tomas N S
39 LB Jones, Tony A A
9 P Julien, Jake N A
38 LB Konar, Adam N S
65 C Korte, Mark N S
6 DE Leonard, A.C. A S
87 SB Lewis, Eugene A S
10 QB Locksley, Kai A A
43 LB Makonzo, Enock N S
8 S McLaurin, Mark A S
17 WR Mitchell, Dillon A S
3 R Moore, Kyran A A
45 LB Morgan, Nyles A S
96 DL Pelley, J-Min N A
91 DL Plamondon, Jacob N A
0 DB Purifoy, Loucheiz A A
93 DT Ross, Daniel A S
58 RT St. John, Josiah N S
13 DB Taylor, Jacob N A
37 DHB Thompson, Dwayne II A S
BC Lions Roster
# PosName Class Status
3 QB Adams, Vernon Jr. A S
94 DE Archibald, Joshua N A
92 DT Banks, Josh A S
58 DT Baron, Woody A S
90 DE Betts, Mathieu N S
69 LT Broxton, Jarell A S
91 DT Cherry, Nathan N A
65 RG Chungh, Sukh N S
86 SB Cottoy, Jevon N S
51 C Couture, Michael N S
8 QB Davis, Dominique A A
49 DT Debaillie, Tibo G A
80 WR Eberhardt, Ayden A S
29 CB Edwards-Cooper, Jalon A S
17 QB Evans, Dane A A
11 P Flintoft, Stefan A A
23 DB Greene, Adrian N A
44 LB Guzylak-Messam, Isaiah N A
46 LB Hladik, Ben N S
13 WR Hollins, Alexander A S
66 OL Knevel, David N A
26 RB LaFrance, Kienan N A
6 DHB Lee, T.J. III A S
20 LB Lokombo, Bo N S
34 FB Mackie, David N A
36 S Mauger, Quincy A S
18 SB McInnis, Justin N S
56 DE Ménard, David N A
25 RB Mizzell, Taquan A S
41 LB Parker, Brooks A A
54 LG Peirson, Andrew N S
59 RT Perkins, Kent A S
88 R Petermann, Daniel N A
1 CB Peters, Garry A S
45 LS Pickett, Riley N A
24 DB Rene, Patrice N A
19 SB Rhymes, Dominique A S
33 LB Rugamba, Emmanuel A S
14 DHB Sayles, Marcus A S
93 DE Siddiqi, Amir A A
47 DE Teuhema, Sione A S
48 LB Varga, Ryder N A
10 K Whyte, Sean N A
87 R Williams, Terry A A
2 LB Woods, Josh A A
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