University of Toronto Varsity 16 @ Hamilton Tigers 7

Game Details

  • The 2nd Grey Cup
  • 13th Game of 1910
  • Saturday, Nov 26, 1910 3:45 PM EST ( )
  • (Local)
  • at Hamilton Cricket Grounds in Hamilton, ON
    • Surface: Natural Grass
    • Attendance: 12,000 (Sellout)
None and 1910 Hamilton and University of Toronto Matchups
1910The Grey CupUofT 16 @ HAM 7

Tigers record vs Varsity (Grey Cup)

Last decade (1900 to 1909)
  • Hamilton Total 1–0–0 (1.000)
All-time (through 1909)
  • Hamilton Total 1–0–0 (1.000)


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Varsity 5 6 0 5 16
Tigers 0 0 2 5 7
Quarter scores
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Varsity 5 11 11 16 16
Tigers 0 0 2 7 7

Varsity coach: Harry Griffith (W)
Tigers coach: Seppi DuMoulin (L)

Game Time Weather in Hamilton, ON

November 26th Daily Weather Summary for Hamilton, ON
ConditionMin. Temp.Max. Temp.Precip.
NA -0.6°C 2.8°C None
Mostly Cloudy °C °C None
Mostly Cloudy °C °C None
Mostly Cloudy °C °C None
Mostly Cloudy °C °C None
Mostly Cloudy °C °C None

Conditions at Hamilton (1.95 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

Data from Dark Sky. Estimated conditions.

1910 Grey Cup game rosters provided by the CFL with additions and corrections to biographical data made by CFLdb contributors. Additional additions and corrections welcome.
University of Toronto Varsity 1910 Grey Cup Roster
SCR Bell, Jimmy
QB Campbell, Warren “Pete”
SCR Carrol, Jack
MW Clark, Stanley
IW Cory, Lou
FB Dixon, Ewart “Reddy”
QB Foulds, Billy
HB Gage, Charlie
HB Gall, Hugh
MW German, Alan “Pete”
IW Grass, Bob
OW Kennedy, Hal “Mike”
MW Kingstone, George
IW Lajoie, Jack
SCR Leonard, Art
HB Maynard, Jack
OW Parkes, John
U Reid, John
OW Thompson, Bob
OW Thomson, Murray “Moose”
Hamilton Tigers 1910 Grey Cup Roster
QB Awrey, George
SCR Barron, Wally
HB Burton, "Dutch"
SCR Craig, Ross
OW Gatenby, Lorne
U Gerrard, Andrew
OW Glassford, Harry
U Gleaning, (Unknown)
MW Isbister, Bob “Big Bob” Sr.
OW Lyon, Don
IW Marshall, Wally
IW McFarlane, Alex
HB McNeilly, Paddy
HB Moore, Art
U O'Neill, (Unknown)
SCR Pfeiffer, Fred
MW Potticary, Hamilton “Cap”
HB Simpson, Ben
FB Smith, George “Kid”
IW Thompson, "Punk"
League Records Set and Approached in UofT @ HAM
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