Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club 2 @ Hamilton Tigers 44

Game Details

  • The 5th Grey Cup
  • 14th Game of 1913
  • (Local)
  • at Hamilton Cricket Grounds in Hamilton, ON
    • Surface: Natural Grass
    • Attendance: 2,100 (Sellout)

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None and 1913 Hamilton and Toronto Matchups
1913The Grey CupTPCC 2 @ HAM 44


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Parkdale Canoe Club 2 0 0 0 2
Tigers 7 14 0 23 44
Quarter scores
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Parkdale Canoe Club 2 2 2 2 2
Tigers 7 21 21 44 44

Parkdale Canoe Club coach: Eddie Livingstone (L)
Tigers coach: Walter “Liz” Marriott (W)

Game Time Weather in Hamilton, ON

November 29th Daily Weather Summary for Hamilton, ON
ConditionMin. Temp.Max. Temp.Precip.
NA 1.1°C 5.0°C None

Conditions at Hamilton (1.95 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

1913 Grey Cup game rosters provided by the CFL with additions and corrections to biographical data made by CFLdb contributors. Additional additions and corrections welcome.
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club 1913 Grey Cup Roster
OW Barber, George
HB Bickle, George
QB Birnie, (Unknown)
FW Boddy, Bert
OW Bowles, (Unknown)
SCR Davidson, (Unknown)
U Delaporte, (Unknown)
OW Doane, (Unknown)
SCR Dudley, (Unknown)
HB Gall, Hugh
OW Gardner, Doug “Dug”
MW Hughes, Charles
SCR Layfield, (Unknown)
U McEachern, (Unknown)
IW Miller, (Unknown)
IW Potticary, Hamilton “Cap”
MW Robinson, (Unknown)
OW Simpson, Colin
HB Zimmerman, Herb
Hamilton Tigers 1913 Grey Cup Roster
QB Chagnon, Elmer
MW Clark, Norm
MW Craig, Ross
QB Dixon, Ewart “Reddy”
OW Gatenby, Lorne
OW Glassford, Harry
FW Isbister, Bob “Big Bob” Sr.
HB Mallett, Billy
HB Manson, Sam
HB McKelvey, John
SCR Meyers, George
SCR Myles, (Unknown)
SCR O'Heir, (Unknown)
IW Shuart, George “Nick”
HB, QB Smith, Eddie
HB Smith, George “Kid”
IW Wilson, Art
SCR Woodley, Guy
SCR Young, Billy
League Records Set and Approached in TPCC @ HAM
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ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR


  • Chris Sinclair (Game information (opponents, score, date))


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