Ottawa Senators 10 @ University of Toronto Varsity 7

Game Details

  • The 14th Grey Cup
  • 14th Game of 1926
  • (Local)
  • at Varsity Stadium in Toronto, ON
    • Surface: Natural Grass
    • Attendance: 8,276
    • Capacity: 16,000
None and 1926 University of Toronto and Ottawa Matchups
1926The Grey CupOTT 10 @ UofT 7


1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Senators 7 0 3 0 10
Varsity 2 4 0 1 7
Quarter scores
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Senators 7 7 10 10 10
Varsity 2 6 6 7 7

Senators coach: Dave McCann (W)
Varsity coach: Ronnie MacPherson (L)

Game Time Weather in Toronto, ON

December 4th Daily Weather Summary for Toronto, ON
ConditionMin. Temp.Max. Temp.Precip.
NA -15.0°C -1.1°C None

Conditions at Toronto Island (5.59 km away). Weather courtesy of Environment Canada Data.

1926 Grey Cup game rosters provided by the CFL with additions and corrections to biographical data made by CFLdb contributors. Additional additions and corrections welcome.
Ottawa Senators 1926 Grey Cup Roster
# PosName
19 OW Brassington, Bill
27 SN Bruce, Stuart
U Conn, Coulton
5 HB Connell, Charlie
8 MW Cote, Louis
17 MW Dunne, Chubby
26 FW Emerson, Eddie
11 U Grosvenor, Len
18 OW Herbert, Tommy
2 IW Humphrey, Jimmy
21 IW Keeley, Howard
22 U Kehoe, Thomas “Harry”
9 IW Ketchum, Jess
15 IW Kirby, Dave
7 QB Lynch, Charlie
16 MW McMillan, Frank
12 HB Miller, Joe
4 HB Mulroney, Edgar
25 U Paget, Earl
10 HB Pritchard, Jack “Doc”
6 MW Starr, Harold
23 HB Tubman, Joe
14 IW Wright, Jim
20 OW Young, Don
University of Toronto Varsity 1926 Grey Cup Roster
# PosName
IW Carrick, Don
U Carrick, James “Jess”
HB, FW Carroll, Lou
U Daly, F.
MW Dundas, Freddy
QB Hargraft, W.
OW Irwin, H. “Pug”
U Long, James
U MacFadyen, Doug
IW Marritt, H.
SN Morgan, George “Bud”
QB Roos, Ken
HB Sinclair, Jack
OW Snyder, Murray
HB Snyder, Warren
MW Stollery, Howard
HB Trimble, France
U Wood, Don
FW Young, Al
League Records Set and Approached in OTT @ UofT
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