The Eastern Rugby Football Union

Operated 1941 — Dec. 31, 1941

ERFU Notes

  • League Formed: 1941
  • Disbanded: 1941
  • Seasons suspended: None
  • Seasons operated: 1

The Eastern Rugby Football Union was formed for one season in 1941 when the IRFU decided to suspend operations during World War II. Member clubs Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto wanted to continue playing but the Hamilton Tigers did not. Montreal and Ottawa encouraged Toronto to allow willing participant Toronto Balmy Beach from the ORFU to join the IRFU as a replacement. Toronto balked, fearing this could lead to permanent membership for Balmy Beach in the IRFU, but agreed to form a new league with the four entities.

The league would only last for one year. During the remaining period of World War II, service clubs provided the football entertainment in the east and competed for the Grey Cup.

ERFU Database Stats

  • 17 Games
    • 1 Exhibition
    • 0 Pre-Season
    • 12 Regular Season
    • 3 Playoff
    • 1 Grey Cups
  • 0 Players