1920 IRFU Season

1920 IRFU Season Notes

In 1920, Regina asked to be included in CRU playoffs for the Dominion Championship (Grey Cup). The CRU schedule had already been set and the CRU didn’t want to extend the playoffs into December.

November 20

In the CIRFU, there was a tie for first place between University of Toronto Varsity & McGill. McGill had already stated that the tie-breaker would be their final game (win or lose). The CRU decided that if McGill won the CIRFU tie-breaker, then Regina would advance to the Dominion Championship. If Varsity won (and they did), then Regina would be out of luck.

November 27

The Dominion Championship was originally scheduled for this date but the second half of playoff game between Torontos & Argonauts had to be re-played (after successful protest). As University of Toronto Varsity now had an open date, it was suggested that Regina could play Varsity in a playoff game. The only problem – there wasn’t enough time to mobilize the Regina team before the train left town.

Chris Sinclair