1951 IRFU Season

1951 IRFU Season Notes

In 1951 HAM, OTT, TOR ended in a three-way tie at 7-5 for first place. The three-way tie caused a draw for a bye into the final (rather than a statistic determining the tie breaker), which OTT won, resulting in HAM and TOR playing in a two-game total point playoff for the right to play OTT in the IRFU Final, also a two-game total point playoff.

The media of the day reported the standings order as HAM, OTT, TOR, which appears to be alphabetical, though that can not be confirmed. CFLdb Statistics displays the order as OTT, HAM, TOR based on the order the CFL uses in their Annual Guide and Record Book (and has used for at least 30 years) which reflects OTT winning the bye into the final.