Winnipeg Tammany Tigers 3 vs St. John's 18

Game Details

  • Week 5
  • (Local)
  • at Carruthers Park in Winnipeg, MB
    • Surface: Natural Grass
1928 and 1929 Winnipeg and Winnipeg Matchups
1928Week 1WSTJ 5 vs WPG 14
Week 3WPG 2 vs WSTJ 5
Week 5WSTJ 9 vs WPG 6
1929Week 1WSTJ 4 vs WPG 18
Week 2WPG 2 vs WSTJ 11
Week 3WSTJ 7 vs WPG 14
Week 5WPG 3 vs WSTJ 18
Division Semi-FinalWPG 1 vs WSTJ 10

Streaks as of Oct. 26, 1929 (Regular Season)

St. John's streak at home vs Tammany Tigers
St. John's streak overall vs Tammany Tigers


Tammany Tigers coach: Fred Ritter, Jr. (L)
St. John's coach: Unknown (W)

Tammany Tigers (2-2-0) Next vs St. John's Oct 30
St. John's (2-2-0) Next vs Tammany Tigers Oct 30

Game Time Weather in Winnipeg, MB

League Records Set and Approached in WPG vs WSTJ
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR


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