Toronto Amateur Athletic Club vs Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club

Game Details

  • Week 4
  • (Local)
  • Host stadium in unknown.
1909 and 1910 Toronto and Torontos Matchups
1909Week 1TAAC 0 vs TPCC 15
Week 4TAAC 10 vs TPCC 6
Division Semi-FinalTAAC 3 vs TPCC 8
1910Week 4TAAC vs TPCC
Week 5TPCC 6 vs TAAC 22

Parkdale Canoe Club record vs Amateur Athletic Club (Regular Season)

Last decade (1900 to 1909)
  • at Toronto 1–1–0 (0.500)
  • at Torontos 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Toronto Total 1–2–0 (0.333)
All-time (through 1910)
  • at Toronto 1–1–0 (0.500)
  • at Torontos 0–1–0 (0.000)
  • Toronto Total 1–2–0 (0.333)

Streaks as of Oct. 31, 1910 (Regular Season)

Parkdale Canoe Club streak at home vs Amateur Athletic Club
Parkdale Canoe Club streak overall vs Amateur Athletic Club


Parkdale Canoe Club forfeited the game.

Amateur Athletic Club coach: (ND)
Parkdale Canoe Club coach: Eddie Livingstone (ND)

Game Time Weather in Toronto, ON

Stadium location is unknown so weather conditions are unavailable.

League Records Set and Approached in TAAC vs TPCC
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR


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