Montreal AAA Football Club 8 @ Ottawa College Rugby Club 8

Game Details

  • Exhibition Game
  • (Local)
  • Host stadium in Ottawa, ON unknown.

Game Notes

Scoreboard (blackboard manned by a youth) read 9-8 in favour of Ottawa but referee declared game a draw.

Montreal reporters felt the final should have been 12-9 for Montreal with a chance to kick goal for a 14-9 final.

Chris Sinclair
1890 and 1891 Ottawa College and Montreal Matchups
1891Week ExOCRC 7 @ MTL 17
Week ExMTL 8 @ OCRC 8

Streaks as of Nov. 11, 1891 (Exhibition)

Rugby Club streak at home vs AAA Football Club
Rugby Club streak overall vs AAA Football Club
  • 1L — Nov. 6, 1891


AAA Football Club coach: Unknown (T)
Rugby Club coach: Unknown (T)

AAA Football Club (2-1-0) Next vs Rugby Club Nov 21

Game Time Weather in Ottawa, ON

Stadium location is unknown so weather conditions are unavailable.

League Records Set and Approached in MTL @ OCRC
Including known plays over 55 yards

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  • Chris Sinclair (Game details (opponents, score, date))


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