Ottawa College Rugby Club 8 vs Ottawa City 8

Game Details

  • Week 6
  • (Local)
  • Host stadium in Ottawa, ON unknown.

Game Notes

Game called with 6 1/2 minutes left due to darkness.

Game called early due to darkness. Ottawa College had the ball at the Ottawa City 5 yard line.

Ottawa City was accused of dirty play (deliberate attempts to break noses at the bottom of piles). Hal Waters was given a lifetime suspension from the QRFU for attacking (kicking) the referee.

Ottawa City given an indefinite suspension for illegal tactics.

Regular season was declared over and a playoff elimination commenced involving the three remaining teams.

Chris Sinclair
1896 and 1897 Ottawa and Ottawa College Matchups
1896Week 2OTT 6 vs OCRC 13
1897Week 3OTT 5 vs OCRC 4
Week 6OCRC 8 vs OTT 8

Ottawa City record vs Rugby Club (Regular Season)

Last decade (1887 to 1896)
  • at Ottawa 0–0–1 (0.500)
  • at Ottawa College 1–2–0 (0.333)
  • Ottawa Total 1–2–1 (0.375)
All-time (through 1897)
  • at Ottawa 0–0–1 (0.500)
  • at Ottawa College 1–2–0 (0.333)
  • Ottawa Total 1–2–1 (0.375)

Streaks as of Nov. 6, 1897 (Regular Season)

Ottawa City streak at home vs Rugby Club
Ottawa City streak overall vs Rugby Club


1stH 2ndH Final
Rugby Club 7 1 8
Ottawa City 8 0 8

Rugby Club coach: Unknown (T)
Ottawa City coach: Unknown (T)

Rugby Club (2-2-1) Next @ AAA Football Club Nov 13
Ottawa City (2-1-2) Next vs Rugby Club Nov 13

Game Time Weather in Ottawa, ON

Stadium location is unknown so weather conditions are unavailable.

League Records Set and Approached in OCRC vs OTT
Including known plays over 55 yards

ValuePersonRecord Held Span OR


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  • Robert Sproule (Game information (score, attendance, location))
  • Chris Sinclair


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