Kingston Granites @ Ottawa College Rugby Club

Game Details

  • Quebec Championship
  • (Local)
  • Host stadium in unknown.

Game Notes

At game time, Kingston refused to play with ex-Ottawa College player Joe McDougall as referee, but Ottawa College did. "Chaucer" Elliott was then selected to referee but Ottawa College refused. Granites lined up at centre field, gave three rousing cheers for the College, and then left the field. Just as they were leaving, College lined up, McDougall started the game and officially gave the game and championship to Ottawa College.

At the Tuesday Nov 22 QRFU Meeting it was resolved that the referee for said match was legally appointed and Ottawa College was awarded the match in accordance with referee's decision.

Robert Sproule
1897 and 1898 Ottawa College and Kingston Matchups
1898Week 4KNG 5 @ OCRC 15
Week 5OCRC 5 @ KNG 12
Division FinalKNG @ OCRC


Limestones forfeited the game.

Granites coach: (ND)
Rugby Club coach: (ND)

Game Time Weather in Ottawa, ON

Stadium location is unknown so weather conditions are unavailable.

League Records Set and Approached in KNG @ OCRC
Including known plays over 55 yards

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