Saskatoon Quakers vs University of Saskatchewan Huskies

Game Details

  • Week 7
  • (Local)
  • Host stadium in Saskatoon, SK unknown.

Game Notes

Saskatoon Quakers were asked to forfeit this game so that a tie-breaker could be played on the weekend. The alternative was to play the tie-breaker mid-week which would be poorly attended and risked the possibility that some players would not be able to play. It would also leave the winning team with little practice time in advance of the MB-SK playoff the following weekend. Having no impact on the standings, Saskatoon obliged.

Chris Sinclair
1931 and 1932 University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Matchups
1931Week ExSTN 14 @ UofS 5
1932Week 4UofS 18 @ STN 2
Week 7STN vs UofS

Huskies record vs Quakers (Regular Season)

Last decade (1922 to 1931)
  • at University of Saskatchewan 1–1–0 (0.500)
  • at Saskatoon 2–1–0 (0.667)
  • University of Saskatchewan Total 3–2–0 (0.600)
All-time (through 1932)
  • at University of Saskatchewan 2–7–0 (0.222)
  • at Saskatoon 6–3–0 (0.667)
  • University of Saskatchewan Total 8–10–0 (0.444)

Streaks as of Oct. 29, 1932 (Regular Season)

Huskies streak at home vs Quakers
Huskies streak overall vs Quakers


Hilltops forfeited the game.

Quakers coach: (ND)
Huskies coach: E. Kent Phillips (ND)

Game Time Weather in Saskatoon, SK

Stadium location is unknown so weather conditions are unavailable.

League Records Set and Approached in STN vs UofS
Including known plays over 55 yards

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