WIFU All-Time Attendance

WIFU Attendance Records

Largest Single Game Attendance22,4481955 TOR @ BC
Highest Season Average14,800.61955
Highest Season Total Attendance74,1131954
Highest Season Capacity Average22,605.81955
Highest Season % of Capacity104.00%1953
Highest Number of Sellouts in Season21953
Largest Single Game Attendance29,5031955 EDM @ BC
Highest Season Average16,318.81955
Highest Season Total Attendance652,7511955
Highest Season Capacity Average18,740.41955
Highest Season % of Capacity128.03%1946
Highest Number of Sellouts in Season231952
Largest Single Game Attendance20,9531954 EDM @ WPG
Highest Season Average15,952.21953
Highest Season Total Attendance94,9491954
Highest Season Capacity Average17,064.81953
Highest Season % of Capacity302.08%1936
Highest Number of Sellouts in Season41950
Highest Single Game Attendance39,4711955 MTL vs EDM