WIFU All-Time Player List (1936-1956)

List of Players with Surnames starting with “A” 1936–1956
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Teams
Adam, RonQB312 (1954–1955)SSK
Adams, Dave “Steaky”G, T506 (1939–1941, 1946–1948)CGY, CGY, VANG
Adams, SamE282 (1954–1955)BC
Adelman, LouC93 (1936–1937, 1939)WPG
Adrian, DougU01 (1953)EDM
Agler, BobHB131 (1951)CGY
Aguirre, JoeE, K586 (1950–1955)EDM, SSK, WPG
Aguirre, JohnnyT273 (1948–1950)CGY
Ahoff, ErnieG, T364 (1946–1949)WPG
Albert, FrankieQB141 (1953)CGY
Albert, NickG, T41 (1949)EDM
Alexander, GeorgeHB244 (1940, 1945–1947)CGY, CGY
Alexander, BillHB93 (1945–1947)CGY
Alford, PaulG243 (1950–1952)CGY, EDM
Allred, MartinHB61 (1940)CGY
Anderson, ChuckC101 (1948)CGY
Anderson, DaveQB101 (1952)CGY
Anderson, Ezzret “Sugarfoot” Jr.C, E836 (1949–1954)CGY
Anderson, FrankieE554 (1952–1955)EDM
Anderson, Harry “Auby”C, T547 (1945–1949, 1953–1954)CGY
Anderson, PaulE, T473 (1953–1955)SSK
Anderson, WayneHB101 (1952)SSK
Andrews, Rupe Jr.E, HB312 (1954–1955)CGY, EDM
Angi, EmilHB41 (1946)SSK
Anthony, MikeE282 (1949–1950)SSK
Anton, AndyHB41 (1941)SSK
Aplin, HollyE121 (1952)SSK
Archambault, GillesG, T272 (1954–1955)CGY
Armstrong, NeillE443 (1951, 1953–1954)WPG
Arnold, ClaudeQB293 (1952–1954)EDM
Atchison, RonDT, G, T504 (1952–1955)SSK
Audet, EarlT141 (1950)CGY
Aull, MelG92 (1953–1954)SSK
Avery, DonT141 (1950)CGY
Avinger, Clarence “Butch”HB141 (1952)SSK
“A” player count: 35