WIFU All-Time Player List (1936-1956)

List of Players with Surnames starting with “R” 1936–1956
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Teams
Radley, ChuckG, T557 (1947–1953)SSK
Radovich, BillT141 (1949)EDM
Rausch, JoeE31 (1946)SSK
Rawluk, JoeQB01 (1945)SSK
Rawluk, MikeE, G, T82 (1945–1946)SSK
Ray, FredFB92 (1936–1937)SSK
Raymond, HaroldHB92 (1946–1947)CGY
Reagan, JohnnyHB41 (1947)WPG
Rebholz, Russ “Doss”HB, K142 (1936, 1938)WPG
Redkey, BobFB, LB81 (1952)CGY
Reeve, HalE121 (1955)CGY
Reid, BillHB11 (1940)CGY
Reid, DougFB, HB524 (1950–1951, 1954–1955)BC, CGY
Reid, LorneG, T312 (1954–1955)BC
Rennebohm, Howard “Tare”G184 (1945–1948)SSK
Rennie, RussE162 (1939–1940)CGY, EDM
Renwick, TubbyC, T21 (1936)SSK
Richardson, BruceE41 (1950)CGY
Rimstad, LouisG, T243 (1938–1940)CGY, EDM
Ring, JackHB61 (1940)SSK
Ritchie, ArchieC, G31 (1938)CGY
Ritchie, DougC21 (1950)WPG
Roberts, Art “Butch”C, G163 (1938–1939, 1947)CGY, CGY
Roberts, WillieE, FW141 (1955)CGY
Robertson, JamesFW01 (1952)CGY
Robillard, GeneQB91 (1954)BC
Robinson, BillHB131 (1955)WPG
Rogers, William “Buck”G, HB, K, T584 (1949, 1953–1955)SSK, WPG
Romaniuk, AlexG, T51 (1949)EDM
Rooney, ClareHB71 (1947)CGY
Rorvig, EdFB, K204 (1936–1938, 1940)CGY
Rosano, JohnnyFW, HB102 (1937–1938)CGY
Rose, StanQB71 (1947)SSK
Roseborough, CliffFW, G, HB436 (1936–1941)WPG
Ross, DonE81 (1955)BC
Ross, RaeE, HB151 (1955)BC
Rothwell, HarryHB252 (1954–1955)CGY
Rowe, Paul “Pappy”FB, HB, K789 (1938–1940, 1945–1950)CGY, CGY
Rowekamp, BillHB11 (1953)EDM
Rowland, GordieHB322 (1954–1955)WPG
Rubenstein, HerbG21 (1941)WPG
Ruby, MartinT725 (1951–1955)SSK
Rule, PeteE61 (1938)EDM
Russell, HarveyU21 (1936)WPG
Russell, JackE142 (1951–1952)SSK
“R” player count: 45