Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, ON


  • Succeeded by:
  • Stadium Type: Open Air Stadium
  • Surface Type: Fixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)
  • Lighting: Floodlights
  • Capacity: 30,927
  • Opened: Jan. 1, 1908
  • Age: 111¬†years, 1¬†month
  • Total Games: 701
  • Total Attendance: 10,668,688 (594 games)
  • All-Time Attendance Avg: 17,960.75
  • Regular Season Sellouts: 41
  • Hosted Grey Cup: 6 times
  • Hosted All-Star Game: 2 times
Attendance Records
Firsts and Lasts
GameOct. 19, 1907
MTL 17 @ OTT 7
Nov. 5, 2005
TOR 17 @ OTT 27
Regular GameOct. 19, 1907
MTL 17 @ OTT 7
Nov. 5, 2005
TOR 17 @ OTT 27
Playoff GameNov. 28, 1925
QURC 2 @ OTT 11
Nov. 13, 1983
HAM 33 @ OTT 31
Grey CupDec. 5, 1925
WPGTT 1 @ OTT 24
Nov. 21, 2004
BC 19 vs TOR 27

Note: Information provided is based on data on Canadian senior and professional football team games in the database and may be incomplete. It does not include other competition levels or sporting events.


  • Coordinates: 45.39813356876864, -75.6836074590683

Home Team Record

Ottawa Rough Riders6941253111,5151,297
Regular Season
Ottawa Rough Riders4282451767319,1227,925
Ottawa Senators1888200127174
Ottawa Trojans103700056121
St. Brigid's Football Club4220004860
Ottawa Combines6240005981
Ottawa RCAF Uplands Flyers11000090
Ottawa Civil Service Recreation Association101000822
St. Patrick's Saints10100029
Ottawa Rough Riders443014000827592
Ottawa Senators220000188
Ottawa Rough Riders541316215104211,4649,814
Ottawa Senators20108200145182
Ottawa Trojans103700056121
St. Brigid's Football Club4220004860
Ottawa Combines6240005981
Ottawa RCAF Uplands Flyers11000090
St. Patrick's Saints10100029
Ottawa Civil Service Recreation Association101000822

Grey Cup Record as Host Stadium

Hamilton Tiger-Cats110000241
Winnipeg Blue Bombers1100002221
Ottawa Senators110000241
Ottawa Rough Riders2110001913
Saskatchewan Roughriders101000124
BC Lions1010002122

Opposition Team Record

Toronto Argonauts843100171180
Edmonton Eskimos945000163216
Calgary Stampeders53110010169
Montreal Concordes43100012284
Montreal Alouettes6330009990
Hamilton Tiger-Cats624000140192
Winnipeg Blue Bombers825110138177
BC Lions1028000192245
Saskatchewan Roughriders90900095202
Regular Season
Toronto Argonauts11152563111,8452,063
Hamilton Tiger-Cats7237350001,5251,527
Montreal Alouettes7018493001,1371,606
Hamilton Tigers351420100388408
Winnipeg Blue Bombers261313010683698
Saskatchewan Roughriders221012000496550
BC Lions221012000582588
Calgary Stampeders22913000495537
Edmonton Eskimos22812210596580
Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers18711000139211
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers6510009035
Montreal AAA Football Club83500078102
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club2200004312
Hamilton Flying Wildcats220000301
Ottawa RCAF Uplands Flyers2200003514
Montreal Concordes42200066122
Toronto Oakwood Indians4220004846
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes11000098
Hamilton Rowing Club11000092
Toronto HMCS York Bulldogs2110001526
Sarnia Imperials2110003326
Windsor Rockets3120001534
Hamilton Wildcats61500090113
Montreal Royals101000027
Toronto Varsity Orphans1010001014
Montreal Cubs101000037
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association101000722
Montreal Hornets101000528
Ottawa Civil Service Recreation Association10100006
Ottawa Rough Riders10100009
Montreal Bulldogs202000537
Montreal Indians2020001217
Hamilton Tiger-Cats1257000234204
Montreal Alouettes1459000171296
Toronto Argonauts14410000166255
Hamilton Tigers10100023


2004Grey Cup temporary seatingGranulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)51,242
2002ReductionGranulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)29,862
1996ExpansionFixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)30,960
1993Name changeFixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)30,927
1991ReductionFixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)30,927
1988Grey Cup temporary seatingFixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)50,604
1984Artificial turfFixed Artificial Turf (AstroTurf-like)34,972
1975ExpansionNatural Grass34,972
1967ExpansionNatural Grass27,172
1960ExpansionNatural Grass22,000
1955ExpansionNatural Grass16,372
1908Opened 1908Natural Grass15,000