Varsity Stadium in Toronto, ON


  • Stadium Type: Open Air Stadium
  • Surface Type: Granulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)
  • Lighting: Floodlights
  • Capacity: 5,000
  • Opened: Jan. 1, 1898
  • Age: 121¬†years, 1¬†month
  • Total Games: 377
  • Total Attendance: 2,990,301 (210 games)
  • All-Time Attendance Avg: 14,239.53
  • Regular Season Sellouts: 20
  • Hosted Grey Cup: 30 times
Attendance Records
Firsts and Lasts
GameNov. 12, 1898
HAM 14 @ TOR 0
June 9, 2015
WPG 34 @ TOR 27
Regular GameNov. 12, 1898
HAM 14 @ TOR 0
Nov. 1, 1958
MTL 44 @ TOR 7
Playoff GameNov. 11, 1905
HAM 22 @ TOR 10
Nov. 26, 1952
SAR 15 @ TOR 34
Grey CupNov. 25, 1911
TOR 7 @ UTV 14
Nov. 30, 1957
WPG 7 vs HAM 32

Note: Information provided is based on data on Canadian senior and professional football team games in the database and may be incomplete. It does not include other competition levels or sporting events.


  • Address: Blood St and Devonshire Pl
  • Coordinates: 43.6670644865641, -79.39728677272797

Home Team Record

Toronto Argonauts844000197185
Regular Season
Toronto Argonauts15895585002,5361,956
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers211110010201186
Toronto Varsity Orphans1486010187157
St. Michael's College 1164100122133
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes5410007925
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club4310004436
Camp Borden Fliers10271106582
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association3120005848
Toronto Beaches-Indians101000514
Toronto Victorias101000148
Toronto Oakwood Indians202000438
Toronto HMCS York Bulldogs4040003058
Toronto Argonauts22139000328226
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers5410006232
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes2200004213
Toronto Varsity Orphans11000060
Hamilton Flying Wildcats11000076
Sarnia Imperials2110002135
Hamilton Tigers2110002314
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club202000936
Toronto Argonauts188112715003,0612,367
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers261511010263218
Toronto Varsity Orphans1596010193157
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes76100012138
St. Michael's College 1164100122133
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club6330005372
Camp Borden Fliers10271106582
Hamilton Flying Wildcats11000076
Hamilton Tigers2110002314
Sarnia Imperials2110002135
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association3120005848
Toronto Beaches-Indians101000514
Toronto Victorias101000148
Toronto Oakwood Indians202000438
Toronto HMCS York Bulldogs4040003058

Grey Cup Record as Host Stadium

Toronto Argonauts88000016436
Hamilton Tiger-Cats2200004413
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers4220002531
Sarnia Imperials1100002620
Hamilton Flying Wildcats1100002314
Edmonton Eskimos1100005027
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes11000085
Ottawa Rough Riders3120004444
Montreal Alouettes3120008091
Winnipeg Blue Bombers101000732
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association101000713

Opposition Team Record

Calgary Stampeders1100002113
Saskatchewan Roughriders110000309
Hamilton Tiger-Cats2110004562
Winnipeg Blue Bombers2110004949
Montreal Alouettes2020004064
Regular Season
Ottawa Rough Riders461927000614718
Montreal Alouettes271512000542559
Hamilton Tiger-Cats20136100362351
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers17125000194101
Hamilton Tigers30719400231304
Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers17611000143217
Sarnia Imperials85301110863
Toronto Parkdale Canoe Club220000309
Toronto RCAF Hurricanes220000306
Hamilton Flying Wildcats3210005636
Hamilton Rowing Club5230005681
Hamilton Tiger-Cubs6231003461
Toronto Oakwood Indians1100001413
St. Michael's College 110000130
London Lords110000131
Toronto Argonauts11000096
Toronto Rowing and Athletic Association110000215
Ottawa Trojans2110002633
Toronto HMCS York Bulldogs2110002234
Toronto Varsity Orphans4130113144
Hamilton Wildcats5140005189
Camp Borden Fliers5140004489
Ottawa Senators6150002394
Montreal Royals10100027
Rochester Rockets101000821
Kitchener Panthers201110415
Toronto Victorias101000828
St. Patrick's Saints1010001138
Montreal Cubs1010001358
Sarnia Golden Bears101000813
Hamilton Alerts101000020
Montreal Hornets101000321
Kitchener-Waterloo Panthers101000718
Sarnia 2-26 Battery Militia101000514
Windsor Ambassadors1010001223
Peterborough Pets2020001123
Toronto Amateur Athletic Club2020002129
Montreal Indians202000426
Ottawa Combines202000619
Montreal Bulldogs3030001448
Ottawa Rough Riders7430006066
Hamilton Tigers3300004117
Hamilton Tiger-Cats4220006454
Toronto Oakwood Indians101000015
Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers101000024
Sarnia 2-26 Battery Militia101000012
Hamilton Tiger-Cubs101000618
Sarnia Imperials10100006


2007ExpansionGranulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)5,000
2003Rebuilt/re-opened 2003Granulated Rubber Filled Artificial Turf (FieldTurf-like)1,500
1950ExpansionNatural Grass21,739
1950With collapsible bleachersNatural Grass27,000
1924ExpansionNatural Grass16,000
1911ExpansionNatural Grass10,500
1898Opened 1898Natural Grass500