Statistics Resource Comparison

A simple comparison of the information available from three sources of CFL statistics.

CFLdb Database logo CFLdb Statistics Annual CFL Guide and Record Book
Type Unofficial 1 Official Official
Format Web Web Print
Cost 2 Free Free
Availability of statistics After final result 3 Real-time Published annually? 4
Current Season
Real-time Live Game Results and Stats
Current Season Results
Weekly Statistics
Up-to-date Starting QB records
Player statistics
Team statistics/rankings
Game statistics
Team profiles
Player profiles
Current team rosters
Previous Season
Previous Season Results
Previous Season team statistics
Previous Season team rankings
Previous Season player statistics
Previous Season best performances
Previous Season game participation
Historical Seasons (>= 1907)
Historical Season Game Results (>= 2004) (Playoffs only)
Historical Standings (>= 1958)
Team coaching leaders
Team historical records
Team career leaders
Team season leaders
League Attendance (>= 1958)
Team Attendance (>= 2009)
Team Records
Regular season streak records
Regular season best/worst records
Points scored, points allowed records
Game Records
Most points, fewest points scored
Points scored by quarter, half,
3-quarter time records

1CFLdb Statistics includes official CFL historical game records contributed by the CFL, and official CFL game stats (games >= 2004) provided by the CFL. Corrections to official data have been made over time, only some corrections have been reported back to the league. All compiled standings, lists, records, calculated statistics, supplemental data, etc. should be considered unofficial and affected by missing data or errors. Provincial, regional and city leagues not part of the recognized CFL canon are unofficial and should be treated as such.

2 – In this category, free means free (as in gratis) for personal use, but not free (as in libre) as restrictions apply.

3 – Results for current games are not posted to CFLdb Statistics until after the final result, at which time official game stats are available.

4 – The last published physical version of the CFL Guide and Record Book CFLdb is aware of was 2018's which included information to the end of the 2017 season. Whether print versions will be produced in the future and made available to the public is unclear.

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