Team Record Streaks (Experimental)

Query streaks by selected criteria

Criteria Legend

  • Overall — Both home and away games
  • Home — Home games only
  • Road — Road games only
  • All-time — Streaks spanning seasons
  • Season — Anytime in a single season
  • To Start Season — Streaks starting with the first game of the season
  • To End Season — Streaks ending with the last game of the season
Streak Type
  • Winning — Winning streaks
  • Unbeaten — Win or tie streaks
  • Losing — Losing streaks
  • Winless — Loss or tie streaks
  • Regular Season — Regular games only
  • Regular/Playoffs — Regular season and playoff games
  • Playoff — Playoff games only
  • All — Pre-season, regular season and playoff games (Does not include exhibition games)
  • All — All leagues in database, including non-CFL leagues
  • CFL (Modern) — CFL since 1958
  • CFL (Historical) — CFL and CFL foundation leagues (CFC, IRFU, WIFU); akin to Facts, Figures and Records
  • All — All teams
  • Specific Team — Streaks for that team only
  • All — Against all opposition
  • Specific Team — Streaks against that opposition team only

Streaks are ordered by streak length descending, then streak start date decsending.

Streaks are defined as multiple games in a row. Therefore, only streaks of 2 or more games are shown.

See the known issues with the results.