Canadian Football Historical Team List

The following lists senior and professional football teams in Canada, from the origins of Canadian football after it first deviated from rugby. In general, the term senior was used to describe the highest level of football in Canada before about 1950. After 1950, the phrase professional football came into more use, though there was a transition period through the late 1940's and 1950's. The change coincided with the shift of requiring players to be amateurs (not paid) to allowing non-amateurs as the professional league came to be separate and independent from the Canadian Rugby Union.

For a list of current CFL teams, see the latest CFL season page.

Years reflect earliest and latest seasons of teams, not seasons of play. Teams may have existed under different names during time span or prior to joining league. See team pages for full team history.

Canadian Football Council / Canadian Football League Teams

Original Nine
Expansion Teams

Interprovincial Rugby Football Union Teams

Western Interprovincial Football Union Teams

Eastern Provincial League Teams

Ontario Rugby Football Union
Quebec Rugby Football Union

Western Provincial League Teams

Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Alberta and British Columbia