Baltimore CFL Colts

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Grey Cup

Grey Cup
  • Location/name history of team:

  • Baltimore announced name as Baltimore CFL Colts March 1, 1994
  • The Indianapolis Colts, the NFL and NFL Properties Inc. filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore CFL Colts for trademark infringement on April 29th, 1994
  • A judge granted a preliminary injunction preventing the team from using the name "Colts" on June 27, 1994. The name and mascot were found to violate the trademarks of the plaintiffs.
  • By June 29th, Baltimore had chosen to be called the Baltimore CFLs until appeals and a final ruling could be rendered. All signage with the word Colts had to be removed or covered up.
  • All appeals failed and negotiation with the NFL failed. On December 16, 1994, Baltimore owner Jim Speros announced the club's legal name would be the Baltimore Football Club and would have the nickname Stallions. The same logo was used.
  • Last home: Memorial Stadium
  • Capacity: 54,600
  • Playing surface: Natural Grass
  • Last stadium change: 1994 – Opened 1950

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