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List of BC Lions Players with Surname starting with “W” 1953–2021
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Also played for
Waddy, Ray Jr.DE61 (1983)
Wagoner, JohnG141 (1954)OTT
Waite, RobDT31 (1983)CGY, SSK
Wake, CameronDE362 (2007–2008)
Walden, JimmyQB152 (1960–1961)CGY, EDM
Walker, TonyDB353 (2002–2004)
Walker, MikeDE262 (1972–1973)TOR
Walker, TomDT122 (1962–1963)
Wallace, AlexDB21 (2002)
Wallace, DarrellRB222 (1989–1990)CGY, SSK
Walls, TyroneTE132 (1977–1978)EDM
Ware, AndreQB41 (1996)OTT, TOR
Warkentin, TedWR222 (1969–1970)EDM
Warnock, KentDT232 (1993–1994)CGY
Warren, AntonioRB383 (2004–2006)CGY
Warren, BrianLB31 (1990)EDM, OTT, TOR
Warren, DavidDE21 (2003)
Washburn, MikeSB11 (1982)MTL
Washington, MarkDB835 (2003–2007)MTL
Washington, RicardoLB52 (1994–1995)OTT
Washington, Talmadge “Duke”FB11 (1958)
Washington, VicWR91 (1970)OTT
Wasiela, KonradDB31 (2007)MTL, SSK
Waterman, MarkSB21 (1988)HAM, TOR
Waters, SwayzeK01 (2017)EDM, TOR
Watkins, LarryDT483 (1977–1979)EDM, HAM, TOR
Watrin, RayDT61 (1970)CGY, MTL, OTT, WPG
Watson, CoryWR181 (2018)EDM, SSK, WPG
Watson, KarltonQB202 (1985–1986)
Watson, KenDB343 (1989–1991)BAL, CGY, EDM, MTL
Watters, LorneLB182 (1974–1975)
Watton, RonC, LB936 (1956–1961)BB, HAM, TOR
Wayne, PatrickLB11 (1993)OTT, TOR
Weathers, CarlLB183 (1971–1973)
Webster, MikeDT161 (1966)MTL
Weinmeister, ArnieT152 (1954–1955)
Wells, JamesDB11 (2001)
Wendryhoski, JoeG131 (1961)
West, JamesLB171 (1993)CGY, WPG
West, JerryG51 (1967)
Wester, CurtisG333 (1973–1975)SSK, TOR
Westerman, JabarDE, DL, DT855 (2012–2016)CGY, MTL
Wetmore, PaulLB704 (1989–1992)OTT, SSK
Wheeler, Ted IIIG, T303 (1971–1973)
Whisler, BillDE151 (1970)MTL, WPG
Whitaker, Deonce'RB51 (2002)MTL, WPG
White, AlvinQB11 (1980)CGY, TOR
White, EmmettRB21 (2002)
White, ErikQB41 (1995)TOR
White, George Jr.LB31 (2006)CGY, SSK
White, JimTE121 (1971)
White, John HenryHB, RB13810 (1978–1987)
White, John IVRB161 (2019)EDM, HAM, TOR
White, RichardLB11 (1986)SSK
White, ToddWR31 (1989)
White, WesOL141 (2001)
Whitehead, LuckyWR81 (2021)WPG
Whitfield, A.D. Jr.HB161 (1970)
Whitley, Hall IIIC, LB92 (1958–1959)WPG
Whitley, JamesDB31 (2005)MTL
Whitney, KenDL, DT, OL242 (1990–1991)CGY, OTT, SSK, TOR
Whitten, KenG41 (1957)
Whyte, SeanK, P142 (2009–2010)EDM, MTL
Wilburn, BarryDB51 (1994)SSK, WPG
Wilburn, SteveDL42 (1989–1990)CGY, HAM, SSK
Wilkinson, TomQB11 (1971)EDM, TOR
Williams, BernardOL51 (2000)TOR
Williams, BrettDT141 (1987)EDM, HAM, MTL, SHR
Williams, B.K.WR132 (1987–1988)BAL, OTT, SSK
Williams, CarrollQB71 (1970)MTL
Williams, ChrisWR91 (2017)HAM, MTL, OTT
Williams, DavidWR352 (1988–1989)EDM, OTT, TOR, WPG
Williams, Frank Jr.HB21 (1955)
Williams, IanLB71 (2001)
Williams, J.R.LB282 (1964–1965)
Williams, JohnRB151 (2002)HAM, TOR
Williams, JonDL11 (2009)CGY, OTT, SSK, TOR
Williams, JordanLB91 (2021)
Williams, JuliusDE31 (2013)EDM
Williams, KeronDE, DL684 (2010–2013)CGY, MTL
Williams, KoreySB, WR62 (2013–2014)SSK
Williams, M.J.QB41 (1984)TOR
Williams, RonaldRB121 (1996)EDM, HAM, WPG
Williams, SteveDL142 (2009–2010)
Williams, TorriCB, LB161 (2014)
Williams, TravisDB21 (2011)
Williams, Tyrone Jr.DL, DT1207 (2002–2008)WPG
Williams, WendellLB21 (1985)
Willis, DarrenDB31 (1990)
Willis, JamalRB11 (1998)
Willis, LarryWR121 (1990)CGY, EDM, TOR, WPG
Willis, OdellDL362 (2018–2019)CGY, EDM, SSK, WPG
Willis, SladeP, WR404 (1973–1976)HAM, TOR, WPG
Wilson, AlC23315 (1972–1986)
Wilson, BejourDB11 (2021)
Wilson, ChrisDE443 (2005–2006, 2013)MTL
Wilson, DonLB121 (1997)EDM, TOR
Wilson, MikeDB424 (1971–1974)
Wilson, O'NeilWR433 (2008–2010)HAM, MTL, WPG
Wilson, PeterC262 (1981–1982)SSK
Winfrey, ChuckLB31 (1974)MTL, SSK
Wintermeyer, JohnK81 (1975)
Winters, BobQB11 (1958)
Wise, DeatrichDT192 (1990–1991)
Wiseman, ToddDB352 (1987–1988)HAM, TOR
Withycombe, MikeC151 (1997)BAL, MTL
Wood, JimE51 (1959)
Woodard, GregWR01 (1981)
Woodman, JoshDB91 (2019)EDM
Worthy, FredDL02 (1985–1986)CGY
Wray, DaveLB161 (1969)
Wright, CharlesDL21 (2019)
Wright, ChrisRB71 (2002)BAL, MTL
Wright, DonovanLB714 (1992–1995)HAM, SSK, TOR
Wunderly, DonDT444 (1974–1977)
Wynn, Spergon IIIQB332 (2003–2004)TOR, WPG
“W” player count: 116