1940 Calgary Bronks Game Participation by Player

Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Adams, Dave “Steaky” G 2nd (2nd) 20 Crescent Heights HS (Calgary, AB) 8
Alexander, George HB R (1st) 22 ‡ East Calgary Jr. 8
Allred, Martin HB R (1st) 19 Crescent Heights HS (Calgary, AB) 6
Barlow, Jim G, T R (1st) Unknown 1
Barr, Ken G, T R (1st) Unknown 4
Cosgrove, Bob C 3rd (3rd) 25 Montana 8
Freeze, Bob HB R (1st) 20 5
Gardiner, Al E, FW R (1st) Unknown 3
Gelhaye, Gordon T 3rd (1st) 26 St. Thomas (MN) 8
Gilkes, Jimmy HB 5th (5th) 24 8
Harrison, Charlie HB 5th (5th) 30 ‡ 8
Harrison, Hal E 3rd (3rd) 25 Washington State 5
Harrison, Bob T 5th (5th) 27 ‡ Calgary Altomahs Jr. 8
-- Haughian, Dick T 3rd (3rd) Unknown
Haynes, Larry E 5th (5th) 28 Washington State 8
Holdsworth, John “Jack” HB R (1st) 18 Calgary West End Tornadoes Jr. 1
Hughes, Wolfie HB, QB 2nd (2nd) Unknown 8
Irving, Gordon C R (1st) Unknown 1
Kelsey, Irvine “Whitey” G R (1st) 18 ‡ McGill 7
La Berge, Al C R (1st) Unknown 7
Lawrence, Jack G 5th (5th) 27 ‡ 5
Layzell, Denny E R (1st) Unknown 4
Millman, Chuck G, T R (1st) Unknown 5
Mitchell, Renn HB R (1st) Unknown 5
Powell, Jim G, T R (1st) Unknown 1
Reid, Bill HB R (1st) Unknown 1
Rennie, Russ E 2nd (1st) Unknown 8
Rimstad, Louis G, T 3rd (1st) 27 7
Rorvig, Ed FB, K 4th (4th) Unknown North Dakota State 4
Rowe, Paul “Pappy” HB, K 3rd (3rd) 23 Oregon 8
Stark, Dave G, T 2nd (2nd) Unknown 7
Sweder, Arnold G R (1st) Unknown 5
Turner, Joe HB 5th (5th) 23 ‡ Calgary Greyhounds Jr. 7
Van Ostrand, Mort G, T R (1st) Unknown 7
Werth, Bill T R (1st) Unknown 7
Wusyk, Bill FW, K 5th (5th) 22 Technical HS (Calgary, AB) 8

– Age at start of 1940 season (Aug. 30, 1940).
– Exact birth date unknown. Age is approximate and may be ±1 year or more.


  • 36 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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