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List of Calgary Bronks players listed as Offensive Line 1935–1940
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Also played for
Adams, Dave “Steaky”G, T172 (1939–1940)CGY, VANG
Baker, BuckG, T11 (1939)
Barlow, JimG, T11 (1940)
Barr, KenG, T41 (1940)
Belkin, MoeG, T31 (1937)
Border, BertT91 (1939)CGY, WPG, WRCAFB
Christie, JimG, T51 (1936)
Cosgrove, BobC, T273 (1938–1940)BBTT, TBI, TOR, TORI
Ellis, Tony “Brick”G, T32 (1936–1937)
Gelhaye, GordonT81 (1940)EDM, VANG
Gilkes, Gordon “Gobbo”G, T153 (1936–1937, 1939)CGY
Hagen, ChetG, T254 (1936–1939)
Hagen, OleG, T41 (1936)
Hale, RussG, T61 (1937)
Harrison, BobG, T395 (1936–1940)CGY
Haughian, DickT123 (1937–1938, 1940)
Holmes, CecG, T62 (1936, 1938)
Hoptowit, AlG172 (1938–1939)
Hurd, HowardT81 (1937)
Huson, BobG, HB, T22 (1938–1939)
Irving, GordonC11 (1940)
Kelsey, IrvineG71 (1940)CGY
Kendrick, SidG, T11 (1936)
La Berge, AlC71 (1940)
Langston, EggsT51 (1936)
Lawrence, JackG, T385 (1936–1940)CGY
Lucid, Sylvester “Tiny”G61 (1936)WPG, WPGS, WRCAFB
Lussier, DonG, T41 (1937)
Madden, JohnG, T61 (1937)
McKee, JohnnyC111 (1939)
Millman, ChuckG, T51 (1940)VANG
Mitchell, BobbyC82 (1937–1938)
Montgomery, BertG, T51 (1936)
Morrison, GerryG, HB, QB134 (1936–1939)
Mulbrath, JerryG, T01 (1937)
Munro, JimC, G51 (1936)
Nelson, HomerC43 (1937–1939)
Powell, JimG, T11 (1940)CGY
Rimstad, LouisG, T71 (1940)EDM
Ritchie, ArchieC, G31 (1938)
Roberts, Art “Butch”C, G112 (1938–1939)CGY
Searight, JerryC142 (1936–1937)CGY, EDM, MTL
Sprague, GeorgeG, T21 (1936)OTT, OTTT, TOR
Stark, DaveG, T82 (1939–1940)
Sweder, ArnoldG51 (1940)
Van Ostrand, MortG, T71 (1940)VANG
Werth, BillT71 (1940)
Woolfe, LouisT21 (1937)
Zwank, BobT111 (1939)
Offensive Line player count: 49