The Montreal Alouettes Player Roster for the 1967 Season

1967 Montreal Alouettes Game Participation by Player
Jersey Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Baker, John DE 4th (4th) 14
Bark, Basil C 3rd (3rd) 14
Bork, George QB 3rd (3rd) 6
Brady, Phil HB 2nd (2nd) 14
Davis, Donnie DE 3rd (3rd) 12
Desjardins, Pierre G, T 2nd (2nd) 13
Doss, Billy James LB 2nd (2nd) 5
Dumont, Pierre LB 2nd (2nd) 14
Ecuyer, Al LB 9th (1st) 8
Everett, Ron DT 2nd (2nd) 12
Fairholm, Larry DB 3rd (3rd) 14
Galloway, Ken WR 2nd (2nd) 14
Gibbons, Mike HB 3rd (3rd) 13
Gray, Mike WR 2nd (1st) 11
Greth, Jimmy WR R (1st) 5
Howlett, Pete FB R (1st) 14
Johnson, Bobby DE R (1st) 1
Lewis, Dave HB R (1st) 14
Lisbon, Don HB 2nd (2nd) 7
Long, Jim DE, LB R (1st) 9
Lychak, Ray G 2nd (2nd) 9
Minihane, Bob T 7th (4th) 11
Murphy, Roger WR R (1st) 14
Myers, Rudy DB R (1st) 6
O'Mahoney, Jim LB R (1st) 5
Pajaczkowski, Tony G 13th (2nd) 14
Parker, Charlie DE R (1st) 14
Parson, Ronnie DE R (2nd) 7
Randall, Barry G R (1st) 14
Scales, Charlie HB R (1st) 13
Scott, Wilbert E 4th (4th) 13
Smith, Stan G R (1st) 1
Spanach, George T 2nd (1st) 4
Sternberg, Gerry HB 2nd (2nd) 14
Stetter, George DB R (1st) 9
Sutton, Mickey DB R (1st) 4
Walter, Jim DB 3rd (3rd) 14
Webster, Mike G, T 2nd (1st) 14
Williams, Carroll QB R (1st) 8
Witt, Mel DL R (1st) 2
Woodward, Rod DB R (1st) 13