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List of Montreal Alouettes players listed as Ends 1996–2018
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Also played for
Anderson, ChuckC, E, LB363 (1949–1950, 1952)CGY, OTT
Anthony, MikeE111 (1946)OTT, SSK
Baillie, CharlieC, E, FB, HB366 (1954, 1956–1957, 1960–1961, 1965)CGY
Baker, JohnDE, E, K806 (1964–1969)HAM
Bancroft, BillE31 (1946)WPG
Berretta, GinoDE, E, HB, K, P606 (1961, 1963–1966, 1969)OTT
Bossy, GeorgeE, HB12 (1947, 1952)
Brewer, RonE, FB202 (1961–1962)EDM, HAM, TOR
Buckle, RossE606 (1959–1964)
Carter, BoydE71 (1962)TOR
Chapman, VicE, P11 (1962)BC, CGY, EDM
Cloutier, TomE141 (1962)TOR
Cyruss, WarrenE11 (1948)
Daniels, DanE102 (1946, 1951)
Douglas, GlenE576 (1947–1952)
English, KeithE444 (1948–1951)
Fabi, MartinE, P31 (1962)SSK
Fedor, PaulE112 (1961–1962)TOR
Finlay, PeteE71 (1946)OTT
Fraser, CamE, P41 (1962)HAM
Frick, Fred “Buddy”E91 (1957)
Garbarino, Al “Gabby”E11 (1947)
Gates, TomE, HB41 (1963)TOR
Glosson, Bill “Rock”E, FW81 (1959)
Gotta, JackE71 (1964)CGY, SSK
Hanlon, TomE101 (1952)
Harding, LarryE11 (1958)
Hogan, JerryE, T164 (1954–1957)
Hubbard, CharleyE21 (1952)
Irwin, AlE272 (1964–1965)EDM, HAM, TOR
Karpuk, PeteE, HB282 (1956–1957)HAM, OTT
Kempf, PeterE, K141 (1966)BC, EDM
Kenerson, JohnE41 (1965)OTT, WPG
King, PeteE, HB182 (1946–1947)
Korchak, Robert “Bud”E, FW, K142 (1955–1956)CGY, OTT, WPG
Lalonde, Jean-Paul “Lally”E121 (1952)OTT
Lampman, HarryE31 (1960)HAM, SSK
LaRochelle, BillE11 (1952)CGY, OTT, WPG
Letcavits, JimE21 (1963)EDM
Luster, MarvDB, E, HB716 (1961–1964, 1973–1974)TOR
Martin, RobertE41 (1969)
McCance, ChesE, FW, K605 (1946–1950)WPG, WPGS, WRCAFB
McNichol, DouglasE1018 (1953–1960)TOR
Miller, JimE806 (1953–1958)
Moran, TomE, FW, HB869 (1953–1961)HAM
Noel, Robert “Red”E121 (1948)SSK
Olsen, AlexE41 (1950)
O'Quinn, John “Red” Jr.E1088 (1952–1959)
Paquette, DonE, G384 (1961–1963, 1965)CGY, HAM, TOR
Parson, RonnieDE, E72 (1955, 1967)
Patterson, Hal “Prince”DB, E777 (1954–1960)HAM
Philp, GerryE141 (1964)TOR
Poole, RayE, HB, K262 (1953–1954)
Powell, ArtE51 (1957)TOR
Pullen, TomE282 (1970–1971)OTT, TOR
Reynolds, JimE244 (1962–1965)HAM, OTT, TOR
Scott, WilbertE485 (1964–1968)HAM
Sekanovich, DaveE01 (1954)
Siminski, RayE132 (1959–1960)
Taylor, JohnnyE385 (1946, 1948–1951)
Tomlinson, LarryE183 (1964–1966)HAM
Toohy, RalphE, FW595 (1947–1951)HAM
Walton, Chuck “Dick”E, G242 (1963–1964)HAM
Welton, JohnE01 (1950)OTT, TOR
Williams, JoeDE, E132 (1965–1966)TOR
Yonakor, John “Jumbo”E121 (1951)
E player count: 66