The Montreal Indians Player Roster for the 1937 Season

1937 Montreal Indians Game Participation by Player
Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Atcheson, Buddy HB R (1st) 2
Bennett, Doug HB R (1st) 4
Bennett, Johnny HB 8th (2nd) 3
Brocklehurst, Fred E 3rd (2nd) 6
Brown, Glen G 3rd (2nd) 6
Burkhart, Bruce HB R (1st) 3
Burns, Tommy HB, T, K 7th (2nd) 6
Davies, Bill FW 2nd (2nd) 6
Eliowitz, Abe HB, K 5th (2nd) 6
Ferraro, Johnny QB 3rd (1st) 5
Fleming, Alex G, T 2nd (2nd) 6
Halbert, Buster E R (1st) 6
Halbert, Norm E R (1st) 4
Hempey, Ernie T 6th (1st) 6
Hutton, Len E 8th (2nd) 6
Hyslop, Murray HB 3rd (2nd) 1
Jotkus, Pete T 7th (2nd) 6
Mathieu, Laurie E 4th (2nd) 6
Novinger, Don HB 2nd (2nd) 0
O'Connor, Chappie HB 2nd (1st) 6
Olson, Oke QB 2nd (2nd) 5
Pigeon, George G 8th (2nd) 6
Poplowski, John “Pop” HB R (1st) 5
Rayside, U R (1st) 2
Ryan, Dave C, T 3rd (1st) 6
Segatore, Luigi “Slug” G, T 3rd (2nd) 6
Senkler, Ed G, T R (1st) 5
Smith, Harry G, T R (1st) 5


  • 28 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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