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List of Ottawa RedBlacks players listed as Slotbacks 2014–2018
NamePositionRegular GP# of Seasons (Years)Also played for
Buckner, DanSB21 (2014)
Carter, MattR, SB, WR182 (2014–2015)EDM, HAM
Collins, DobsonSB121 (2014)BC, EDM, HAM, MTL
Ellingson, GregSB, WR704 (2015–2018)HAM
Harris, JohnSB11 (2016)
Henry, MarcusSB, WR192 (2014–2015)EDM, MTL
Jackson, ErnestSB352 (2015–2016)BC, MTL
Jackson, ParisSB71 (2014)BC, EDM
Macdonell, ScottR, SB513 (2014–2016)
Maypray, Tim IISB21 (2014)MTL
Miles, WallaceSB, WR151 (2014)EDM, TOR, WPG
Mitchell, CarltonSB, WR81 (2014)EDM
Paden, KhalilSB, WR193 (2014–2016)TOR
Price, MauriceSB, WR181 (2015)CGY
Sinopoli, BradSB, WR684 (2015–2018)CGY
SB player count: 15