The Ottawa Rough Riders Player Roster for the 1931 Season

1931 Ottawa Rough Riders Game Participation by Player

Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Armstrong, (Unknown) U R (1st) 1
Brassington, Bill E 2nd (1st) 5
Bruce, Stuart G 2nd (1st) 6
Connell, Charles HB, T 2nd (1st) 6
Emerson, Eddie G 2nd (1st) 6
Gilmour, Blair HB R (1st) 6
Gordon, (Unknown) FW, T R (1st) 3
Guthrie, John G R (1st) 6
Harding, Dave HB, K 2nd (1st) 6
Hartwick, Emmett HB R (1st) 6
Herberts, Tom E 2nd (1st) 5
Hewer, Don HB R (1st) 6
Hutchingame, Harry HB, QB 2nd (1st) 6
Jack, Ralph HB R (1st) 6
James, Percy G, T 2nd (1st) 6
Johnson, Lorne HB R (1st) 3
Lachance, Don E 2nd (1st) 6
Martin, Blane G, T — (1st) 0
Maunders, Bob C R (1st) 4
Mayotte, Vic E R (1st) 1
Noble, Ken T R (1st) 6
Ogilvie, Emerson HB 2nd (1st) 6
Perley, Rick E 2nd (1st) 6
Pushman, Stew G, T R (1st) 2
Raby, Army G 2nd (1st) 4
Saunders, Keith C 2nd (1st) 6
Thomas, Bud FW, QB R (1st) 6
Turner, Hank G R (1st) 4
Ussher, Bill “Wank” G, T 2nd (1st) 6
Whiteman, Len E R (1st) 6


  • 30 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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