The Regina Roughriders Player Roster for the 1939 Season

1939 Regina Roughriders Game Participation by Player

Name Position Experience
League (Team)
Beattie, Norm E 4th (4th) 12
Bell, Dick T 3rd (2nd) 10
Bishop, (Unknown) U R (1st) 2
Burke, Tommy HB R (1st) 8
Cleveland, Howard HB 2nd (2nd) 11
Danaher, Leo HB, K 2nd (2nd) 5
Edberg, Rollo E R (1st) 12
Edmundson, Red T 4th (4th) 10
Fogarty, Bill U R (1st) 1
Garuik, Johnny G 4th (4th) 12
Geddes, Eddie HB R (1st) 11
Griffing, Dean, Jr. C 4th (4th) 12
Guest, Harry HB 2nd (2nd) 11
Holt, Elmer G, T R (1st) 5
Holt, Lindsay FW 2nd (3rd) 12
Kreinke, Cal G, T R (1st) 5
Lander, Jim QB, K 4th (4th) 12
Macdonald, Harold E 2nd (1st) 3
Macdonald, Mickey HB R (1st) 5
Martin, Jack HB 2nd (2nd) 11
Nelson, Bert HB 3rd (3rd) 12
Partridge, Jim E 4th (4th) 12
Patrick, Paul HB 3rd (3rd) 4
Pyne, Fran C R (2nd) 1
Scholl, Troy HB R (1st) 6
Simonsen, Ernie “Si” HB R (1st) 12
Springstein, Clarence “Toar” T, K R (1st) 12
Stein, Frank G, T 4th (4th) 8
Thompson, Don HB R (1st) 2
Thompson, Jack G, T 4th (4th) 12
Walker, Bob T 4th (4th) 8
Wiebe, Jack U R (1st) 1
Williams, Maurice G R (1st) 11


  • 33 — Steve Daniel/CFL (Player participation)


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